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Okay, I give up. I'm looking for a thread that was a lot like this one. I've been away from my computer for two weeks. Before I left, I posted about having a fax that Buk sent to a book dealer, as an example of a strange item. While I was gone (trip to NY & Boston) Bill posted asking if I would post a scan of that fax. I saw that in my email, but I can't find the thread again. So... I'll post the scan as soon as I get settled and find the thread again. Am I remembering this wrong? (always a danger of that). I searched for "fax". Also I mentioned a book of matches from Buk's wedding. Searched for "match" and didn't find it either.

Hi David,

You were close. Here's the thread that you are looking for:
Your Rarest Buk Piece

Hope you can find and preserve the Fax ma'am (oops, sorry about that :p)

Edit: Ooops... LTS has found it for you already... carry on ;)
That's right! They should be shot with lukewarm shit! Every single one of them...
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only popular where people can connect to each other.

it's just like in a lively face-to-face-conversation:
you start with one topic, move on, and sometimes you end up at a different topic and start to talk about that now.

'hijacking' is just not really a matching word for it. not in this context.
Here's another oddity. In the 60s, Bukowski submitted a few sketches of a sparrow as a possible logo for Black Sparrow Press. Martin rejected these sketches (thank God, if you ask me). Later, Martin had two of these sketches made into wood block stamps that could be used in a letterpress. The stamp on the right was used as the Burn Again Press logo in CORNERED and RED. I'm not sure where the stamp on the left was used. Anyone know? James, that's your Avitar. Where'd you see it? Perhaps I should have posted this in the Burn Again Press thread? The second pic the colophon of RED.

stamp 2.jpg red 1.jpg
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I can hear Bill salivating over those blocks all the way from California.

I've never seen the one on the left anywhere but James' avatar either. That I recall. But then all the birds kind of look alike after a while.

But Barbara Martin's bird was definitely a better colophon image (or device, if you want to get all technical).
nymark, i can't figure out where i got the sparrow drawing from. at first i thought i scanned it from one of the "new censorship" magazines, but nope. then i thought ROC posted it in the burn again press thread but it's not from there either.
but those stamps are freakin' awesome!

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