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man, i could just never get into zappa.

alright. i'll hand out the soap in a pillowcase and you can all pummel me now.

Try listening to his satirical songs first. That's the way I got into Zappa. Later on, I got to like much of his other stuff too, but not everything though...
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Actually my advice would be to avoid the satirical stuff.
Listen to the song Blessed Relief -
an instrumental from the album "The Grand Wazoo".

He had many moments like these.
But as Gerard said, you have to sift through
a few pans of gravel to find the gems....
That is sad news. When ever I hear his name I always think of his line from Absolutely Free.

I had that album by Geronimo Black. It was stolen by my neighbor, along with my speakers.
Yes, sad news, but this caught my eye: "In the 1980s, he formed a house-painting company in Texas with British singer Arthur Brown, who had a hit as "the god of hell fire." Would it not be the coolest thing to have had your house painted by Arthur Brown and Jimmy Carl Black?
Always like Jimmy's rant on Uncle Meat about having two months in a row of good money. Something about not living very extravagantly, "I'll tell you for sure". Then followed by "The Air": the air escaping from your mouth....

RIP, Jimmy.
This is sad news, although it says on Jimmy's site that nobody should feel sad about his death.
I'll never forget singing, "Lonesome Cowboy Burt". That song will probably be very popular to watch on Youtube for the next couple of days.
Thanks for telling us, James!
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I saw The Things We Lost in the Fire with Benicio del Torro and Halle Berry. It is one of the only movies in which I heard Frank Zappa and Capt Beefheart music. It was on the iPod of Benicio Del Torro's character and it was neat the way they placed it into the movie- the movie needed some help.
I don't recall having heard Zappa or Beefheart music in any movie either.
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The first contact I had with Zappa's music (or at least the one I remember) was when I was about 4 years old, in a highway to a beach in Mexico. My dad has always been a huge Zappa fan and he's got -almost- everything.

The one record I like the most is "Weasels Ripped My Flesh", it was kind of my life soundtrack a couple of years ago, haha.

Both Zappa and Beefheart (which I also absolutely love!) are/were excellent musicians. I envy those who had the opportunity to see Zappa live...
i just listened to it (the interview). it was good - as much as i find him interesting, i've tried and just can't get into his music. obviously he's got something going on musically but it just doesn't move me.
Zappa is probably an acquired taste just like Buk. I got into Zappa through his satirical songs and as time went by I came to appreciate some of his more "avant garde" music that I did'nt like too much in the beginning. However, there's still some of his instrumental music that I don't care much for.
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i must admit i did my share of skipping school and doing hot knives listening to 'joe's garage' :D

However, there's still some of his instrumental music that I don't care much for.

you mean like this?
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Thank you for giving me the link to Frank Zappa on the Steve Allen Show. It was funny to hear Steve Allen say Frank Zoppa.

Zappa is an acquired taste but he is in fact a genius. I can't believe Hans doesn't like Zappa's instrumental stuff.
you mean like this?

Oh my. I watched all three parts. Fascinating. While maybe not the best thing we've ever heard, that goes a long way toward explaining how and why Zappa was among the best musical minds of our generation.

Just brilliant stuff. I know you posted it as a lark, but I loved it.
I can't believe Hans doesn't like Zappa's instrumental stuff.

Oh, I do, but not all of it. It's especially some of the early instrumental stuff I don't like so much. I prefer the instrumentals on albums like Joe's Garage (especially, Watermelon In Easter Hay), and tunes like We Are Not Alone (from the album, The Man From Utopia), Twenty Small Cigars, and, Chunga's Revenge (from the album, Chunga's Revenge), and (of course) Peaches In Regalia (from the albums, Fillmore East 1971, Hot Rats, and, Tinseltown Rebellion). I like some of the other instrumentals on Hot Rats too...

Oh my. I watched all three parts.

Then you forgot part four:

[This video is unavailable.]
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If you scroll down on this link there is a three part radio documentary on Zappa. It'll take over two hours to listen to. Wish I could figure out a way to download it.

If you use the Firefox browser and the DownloadHelper plug in you can download that documentary. Once you click on the little play button the DownloadHelper button detects the files so you can download them.

Then again, here are the links it detects so try right-clicking these :)

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Edit: Serves me right for being long winded... :p
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Sometimes it's all about the sound and I think I've proven often enough here that I barely can handle English. Give me a Gaelic version of Canajan, eh? ;)
Now, how do we rip the Zappa interview at Wolfgang's Vault, that d gray linked to? :D

Try this free browser plug in.

The site carries two very similar products - the Freecorder Toolbar and the Ask & Record Toolbar. Both will let you record streaming audio from Wolfgang's and many other sites.

Pay attention during the install, both will try to change your default home page and web search options, so just uncheck the necessary boxes.

I found the Freecorder Legacy Toolbar was a little more stable on my PC, but the Ask & Record Toolbar is almost identical. Both will save files into your 'My Documents' folder, either into 'My Recordings' (Freecoder) or 'Ask and Record Toolbar' sub folders. Default format for recording is 128kbit/s MP3. You can change that on the settings page.

Recording is very simple. Open your browser, go to Wolfgang's, find what you'd like to record, click the record button, little pop-up appears waiting to record, click the Play button on Wolfgang's and as soon as the audio starts the recording starts too.
Thanks a lot. hank solo! - Do you think it's possible to download and use it without having their toolbar? I don't like to have their toolbar permanently on my screen taking up space because I'll probably only use it now and then.
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You can uninstall it easily via Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, just make sure your browser is closed first.

There are other programs available to capture streaming audio, but they're mostly shareware so not great for long recordings unless you pay to register. Maybe someone can recommend a good free recorder that doesn't have to be installed into the browser.
Right, I can always uninstall it after use, and download it again next time I want to use it. If I only use it once in a while it's not too much of a bother.

just make sure your browser is closed first.

I see! I wasn't aware of that. Thanks, hank solo...
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Total Recorder isn't free (but it's cheap: $17.95). It will record anything you can hear on your computer, and it's got a very flexible format/bitrate selection option. It's a Windows program rather than a browser plugin. I've been using it for years.

It doesn't allow for editing (the pro version does), but I use Audacity for editing. It's free.
Thanks, mjp! The $17.95 are well spend in the long run if you record some programs or music now and then...

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