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I bought this Zappa documentary yesterday. It's about Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention in the 1960's before Zappa broke up the original band. Original band members such as Jimmy Carl Black ("I'm the Indian of the group"), Bunk Gardner, Don Preston, and Art Tripp talks reveals what Zappa was all about. It also discusses the first six albums in detail and we hear parts of some of the best tracks. There's not much footage of the band in action but it's interesting to hear some of the original members talking about the period.
134 min. long plus extras such as extended interviews with the band members.

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What is the story of Suzie Cream Cheese? I use to call a girl I knew in High School Suzie Cream Cheese and another girl "What a Pumpkin".
Suzie Creamcheese' real name was Pamela Zarubica. She was one of Zappa's close friends and lived together with him for a while. Zappa made her catch phrase, "Wowie Zowie" into a song and she gave him the theme for "You did'nt try to call me". Both songs are on Zappa's first album, "Freak Out". On his second album, "Absolutely Free", there's a short song called, "Son Of Suzie Creamcheese", where you hear Suzie Creamcheese singing, although I'm not sure it's actually her who does the singing.
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From the interview I linked to:

"Suzy Creamcheese was a girl named Jeannie Vassoir. And she is the voice that's on the Freak Out album. The myth of Suzy Creamcheese, the letter on the album, I wrote myself. There never really was a Suzy Creamcheese. It was just a figment of my imagination until people started identifying with it heavily. It got to weird proportions in Europe, so that in 1967, when we did our first tour of Europe, people were asking if Suzy Creamcheese was along with us. So I procured the services of another girl named Pamela Zarubica, who was hired to be the Suzy Creamcheese of the European tour. And then she maintained the reputation of being Suzy Creamcheese after 1967."
Thank you Bukfan and chronic. Now one of my life's mysteries is solved I can move forward. I love the knowledge that is abound on this BukNet.;)
Thanks PS. I once saw him do that on an American show as well (I think it was the Mike Douglas Show). I've been wanting to see it again ever since.
Are you sure it wasn't the Merv Griffin Show? You'd remember if good ole "Merv the Perv" crawled under a glass-topped coffee table and Frank (or more likely, a gaffer who'd had a curry for lunch) took a dump on it. That bit might have been edited out though.
One of my favorite Zappa guitar solo's is "Watermelon in Easter Hay", from the "Joe's Garage" album. Here's Zappa playing it in Barcelona on his last European tour in 1988:

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Sooo... why are there not more Dylan impersonations as spectacular as Adrian Belew's on "Flakes"?

And what the fuck are Mandies?

Great track, great track...
I've been wondering about "mandies" too. Yes, great track indeed - and remember, "never flush a tampoon"!

Too bad, Zappa's gone on a never ending tour. I can only imagine the satirical songs he would have made about the times we live in now.
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I believe I found it on some Facebook page by chance, maybe a Zappa fan page. It sure was a nice find!
There's also some Buk-Zappa connection when it comes to photos. I've got a pic of Zappa holding his cat, and two different pics of him sitting on the toilet. Funny coincidence, because there's also two different pics of Buk sitting on the toilet. The cat connection is funny too. I guess great minds thinks alike. :)

Wow, our neighbors had a cross eyed Siamese cat like that-years ago. You know, there are people in the world who have never cradled a cat in their arms and not because of allergies. Sure cats aren't for everyone but it says a lot about a person who is nice to cats.
I don't think I love him that much. :) However, I won't be surprised if some rich Zappa fan buys it.
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I just bought a Zappa cd called landscape forever changed that is supposedly live from 1970 its the only zappa I own except for we're only in it for the money but I'm really digging listening to it can anyone tell me a little more about it the sticker on the cd case at the record store said it was an imported disc but where was it imported from
I suppose I can appreciate where Frank was going in his live shows in '70-'71, and I've seen some video clips that have great musical moments (Aynsley Dunbar was doing some seriously sick work at the time), the Vaudeville aspect (which to me sounds and feels more like bad Broadway music theater) just ruins it for me. Compare that to Hot Rats, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, and Chunga's Revenge, and well; you just can't. Not even to mention Waka/Jawaka, Grand Wazoo (which was great in studio but a bit lifeless live, oddly enough) or the '73-'74 lineups.
Thanks, d gray!
- While we're at it, here's Zappa's 90 min. long "Dub Room Special" on Youtube. It's been issued on DVD so I would'nt be surprised if Youtube deletes it at some point due to copyright infringement:

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zappa and glenn gould??...

don't know if this will interest anyone but there's a glenn gould mailing list/group whatever it's called and people started posting about seeing him live which led to this which i thought was fantastic, assuming it's true...

" I attended a spectacular Glenn Gould recital in Bridges Auditorium, Claremont CA in ~1962. Frank Zappa, with whom I was then playing (pre Mothers of Invention), and I decided at the last minute to get tickets and were able to secure seats in the orchestra pit which they’d opened up for the overflow crowd.

We were seated on the keyboard side, inches from Gould’s hands and from the stuffing hanging out of his stool, as he conducted himself and hummed along. The whole recital (one of his last I believe) was magnificent; especially memorable to me were his interpretations of William Byrd.

But I was with Frank — so at one point when Gould’s gesticulations and vocalizations were particularly dramatic, Zappa, mimicking a carnival barker, turned to me and whispered “He sings! He dances!”


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