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Gerard K H Love

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I wonder if the former drug addict poet will ever post here again.

Wow! look at the tags:
ananda osel, ananda osel asshole, ananda osel con, ananda osel fake, ananda osel frat boy, ananda osel fraud, ananda osel justification, ananda osel phony, ananda osel vindication, ananda osel wigger

I love to laugh.


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ananda osel vindication, that's a good one. This thread certainly does vindicate him. Wigger? Ha ha ha. Ouch.
I had the privilege of reading a few of your literary contributions, Wow I can understand now why you are all so upset. A bunch wise old, white, broke washed up hacks who don't say much of anything interesting to say in your works so you feel compelled to overcompensate by pissing all over your little blog territory

This must be like the South Central of the internet Lol Did I intrude on your little web-turf? well sorry oops I mean FUCK YOU.

Because anyone who's been through anything in life doesn't try to take what is the poorest & most humble form of free expression, and turn it into a fascist little circle jerk forum like most of you have done here. DARING PEOPLE TO ENTER AND RESPOND WITH BOLD PRINT...when you KNOW that you are ONLY print.

Exciting poetry and art in general is generated by artists that have lived and experienced life that no one can teach you in Literary classes and you cannot achieve from your dusty vantage point in whatever paper-clustered faded newspaper clipping little apartments you are judging people from.

Bunch of washed-up OLD worked over wankers with 4,000+ posts on a blog that nobody cares about. KUDOS.

We have our whole lives ahead of us and a history of living that makes for exciting poetry that our generation seems to be taking to.

All you have is faded dreams, empty book signings, and your little gang of poets. Well, I've got nothing but time...let your hate begin...
someone has anger issues. These are the kind of anger issues that you see from frustrated people, not people who are happy with where they are in their lives, their art, or their careers.

I'm not going to insulting Ananda Saleh Ostel. Frankly other than his really annoying friends and his bullshit back story (Former President of the Black Student's Association?), I don't have anything against him. I have not read him and would not publish him, but that is completely because I could not deal with his crazy rabid friends, like you, who feel the need to defend him as if the Ultimate Fighter cannot stand up for himself. It makes him look sad and weak, but that is your fault, not his...


p.s. This is not a blog. I know that 18 year old cannot understand that everything is not a blog. This is a forum.


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We have our whole lives ahead of us and a history of living that makes for exciting poetry that our generation seems to be taking to.
Is this the part where the song We Are The Champions swells up behind you as the pomo masses cheer their approval?

You go, girl!

Every generation needs something to push against, to rise above. Since there's really not much holding you down these days, no MAN to rally against, no draft, no establishment to fight, no counterculture to join, I understand that you have to pick your fights where you can find them. It's cute. I would rub your carefully tousled little heads if I wasn't afraid of getting hair gel all over myself.

Fly your freak flag high, little brother.

I guess 3 pages of "forum" full of insulting remarks about 1 person and overposting of a name so that people will come here rather than to his site is not your idea of some form of aggression? It is mine. I'm not angry, I quite like some of the other Forum topics I've just read, but I don't like bullying at all, in real life or evidential in forums either. I would simply like to see the lashing followed up by some constructive critique, you have the power to do that Bill

It's obvious that the people in here are quick witted and intelligent, can't anyone give a young writer better advise than to smear them all over the page for all future googlers to find and read.

I will follow this Forum closely from now on because I respect a place that doesn't facilitate any BS, but it's still a small community and people should get a chance to learn.

ps. what if the original poster (tanbox) really WAS just somebody that read it locally, I mean could happen right?


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what if the original poster (tanbox) really WAS just somebody that read it locally, I mean could happen right?
No it couldn't.

Look around. Do you see a lot of critique of young poets here? No, you don't, because this isn't a writing forum. The only reason to make the original post was to draw attention to the great and holy Osel.

To me, that's nothing more than spam. Advertising done in a dishonest way. If you think Osel is JESUS, come and say so. Don't "just happen to read" some article comparing him to Shakespeare or Hemingway and post it here. We are stupid, yes, but not that stupid, friend.

If you do look around you will see that anyone who comes in here out of the blue and lies to promote something gets the very same treatment. That is how we keep this from becoming a shithole of useless plugs, you dig?

If someone comes in in a genuine way, we welcome their subsequent plugs and sales pitches. But they have to prove they aren't just here to sell something to us first. Something like a t-shirt, a bus tour or a poet.

can't anyone give a young writer better advise than to smear them all over the page for all future googlers to find and read.


Earning your stripes before bragging on them?

Letting people find their way to your work instead of shoving it up their cornshoot?

If he writes poems that are strong, & publishes for years, chances are very good people here will find and buy them. This community--besides loving Bukowski--loves writing in general...& has a soft spot for small press writing.

Jesse Lee--what's your favorite Bukowski book? THAT is at the root of all of this... Because this is, afterall...& there's a helluva lot more going on outside of the *not* bukowski forum...

The fact that so many new posters come here & talk about this guy instead of Bukowski might just put people off...If there's a merry band of support for him, why not start a, where all those many friends can gather & tell each other how great he is?

Otherwise it seems a whole lot like a new, unknown type trying to ride Bukowski's coattails...

There's some advice.


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like i said upthread, become a forum member and post on discussions, add your opinion about BUKOWSKI (he's the subject of this site), and then people might take you seriously. come here as just the next dickwad in a line of dickwads who are only here to propogate the identity of a poet that everyone realizes doesn't exist, and you will get flamed.

oh and nice line about the "congrats on 4000 posts on a blog no one cares about" line - that's literally the first time anyone has ever made that observation on a forum, and you're right, we're all totally lame. if you win, does that mean you'll shut up?


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And since we're giving sincere advice for some young man in the year 2009 A.D., I would suggest to Mr. Osel that he stop using terms like; controversial, rebel, anti-hero, reckless, in opposition to [...] the literary establishment, to describe work that is none of those things.

Seriously, I tried to find any of that in the samples of his work online and couldn't. If you can, please point it out to me. It is all very traditional poetry written using traditional creative writing techniques. It isn't bad, it isn't good, it's just - there. Like eight hundred million other poems.

Which literary establishment is he outside of, exactly?


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the one that forces authors to actually exist, rather than to be the not so clever prank that a bunch of losers made up and then unsuccessfully tried to foist on the internet.
When asked, I couldn't not say what my favorite Bukoswki read was... I didn't know any, didn't have one . Came upon this Forum honestly enough looking for something else (ironically all of your name invoking brought me here on a search)

But shit my eyes have been opened, and I have scraped the surface of his work and not only do I really appreciate his realism but i understand it and can really relate to it being a downtown city kid my whole like, I get it. I now also understand that anyone promoting there work to this particular demographic... better fucking expect such things. because it's rusty, raw, truthful at it's unapologetic finest.

I've started out now reading Bukowski's bio's and quotes and I'll move on to his works when I am done with those. I should have known about this by now...real shit. better late than never.

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