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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"

Is this a familiar cd?

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Looks like it only came out last year. I haven't seen it before. Some of the Bukowski tracks were released on Poems and Insults. The one's that weren't are Finish and 199 pounds of clay leaning forward. Versions of those poems are recorded on 70 Minutes in Hell (Finish) and At Terror Street... (199 pounds).
Cats from Germany can buy it in my shop at no shipping-cost.
You sure got some interesting stuff, roni! - I hope that "Letters to uncle Heinrich" will someday get translated into english! I would love to read that one. I'm sure you could sell a few copies...
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ehm, ain't sure if it's proper to 'advertise' here - if not: mjp, please kick me!
- the book contains of BOTH - the original letters by Buk in English (all as facsimilies) plus translations to German.
But be aware, that there are only a few letters - it's not like buying the big volumes of letters edited by Cooney!
Maybe cirerita, who knows the facsimilies, is willing to give some more objective judging than I could do.
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Are all the letters in facsimilies and big enough to read? Or is it just a few sample letters and then the rest of the letters in german?
All in all they're 19 letters, all of which are re-printed in full-page-facsimilies. (They are ALL letters, that Buks cousin Heinrich, the son of Uncle Heinrich, has. It's not known, if there were originally more than these.)

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