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I have a question for you, readers.
Bukowski's poetry reading was recorded and published on vinyls long time ago, before CDs-era. Today some of this records are publish on compact disc.
So, what titles was published only on vinyl, what was published on vinyl and CD and what was published only on CD?

I know that King Of Poets, 70 Minutes In Hell and Poems & Insults was published on vinyl and CD, but Solid Citizen it's available only on compact.

Thanks for yours help.
wasn't Solid Citizen originally on vinyl in a limited edition of 500 ? And wasn't 70 min. in Hell originally on tape called 90 (!) min. in Hell ?
I could be wrong, of course...
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The reading captured on Solid Citizen is the same one as the limited German vinyl LP Hello Its Good To Be Back, although not all of the poems on the LP appear on the CD (its missing The Life of Borodin and Hot). Not sure if its from the same masters or not...
Anyone have a list of the known vinyl appearances and their CD counterparts? I just wonder if all the vinyl made it to CD (or MP3, might as well include that now).

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