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So I took a few creative classes in college and all the professors (except one) stressed the importance of writing without the assistance of drug/alcohol. Do you think drugs/alcohol enhances writing or do they diminish the quality of writing?

I have too much time on my hands and no friends. Humor me.
All of your professors (except one) are ignorant.

Making a blanket statement like that will almost always get you in trouble. What works for one may not work for another. Sure, most people can't write well when high, but then most people can't write well when sober...
Maybe your professors never took their heads out of their asses long enough to hear of Jim Mirrison, the Beatles, Charles Bukowski ;), the ROlling Stones, Nirvana, Hemingway, etc and etc and etc. ...

A fresh pack of smokes, bottle of bushmills, some nice music and a good book will instantly cancel out the time/friends problem, trust me, i've been surviving that way for hundreds of years ;)
Most people can't write well no matter what they are or aren't doing. I count myself among them.

I think a drink or two helps loosen the logjam, and sometimes it makes us just brash enough to say the damn thing instead of dancing around it. But if I'm shitfaced, and feeling really proud about not wetting myself as I lay vomitting on some stranger's porch...no, I probably couldn't write a lick then. To me, it's more about creating a comfortable place, free of silly distraction--so if a beer or something else helps the writer relax, then by all means, indulge!
I'd put it this way: talent, endurance and hard, diligent work are more important than any chemical influence.
There isn't any shortcut.

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