"Find what you love and let it kill you"

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  1. great. we pissed off dad. now he's going to start measuring the liquor bottles again.

    well done, assholes. next time you're thirsty and can't settle your jonesing? blame yourselves.

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  2. Excuse my previous post, I must have been channeling my inner southern belle.

    Yes, now dad has weighed in. But isn't it funny that the earlier complainers made a point of saying that "young women" and "ladies" were being mistreated. That's such a sexist characterization, not to mention a sexist "defense" of the poor young ladies who surely can't defend themselves. I guess that's where dad comes in to save the day.

    You'd think that dozens of icky men had pounced on poor little Kari and said, "SHUT UP AND SHOW US YOUR TITS!" when in fact the "young women's" words and foolish "I Googled it, so it's a fact" statements were being challenged. Yet somehow an accusation of "mistreating young women" is made, inferring misogyny and some sort of sex-based bias.

    Funny, yeah.
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  3. Yeah, I suppose I could get down from my high horse :)
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  4. "I'd rather have my love in front of me than a killer lobotomy."
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  5. "Find what you love, and then chill, dude."
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  6. Saw this on a quote investigator website

    Kinky Friedman was profiled by the paper because he had branched out into a new field. Friedman had recently authored his first mystery novel, and while discussing his colorful career he employed the adage. Interestingly, the expression contained the word “like” instead of “love”. Boldface has been added to excerpts:

    “I did it on my own, without AA or Jesus; but, then, I think we all have to find the Jesus of our choosing. I’ve always said: Find what you like, and let it kill you.

    The saying with the word “love” has been credited to Charles Bukowski in recent years, but QI has located no substantive evidence to support this ascription.

    Here are additional selected citations in chronological order.

    In 1991 a collection of interviews titled “Songwriters On Songwriting” was published, and one of the interviewees was the composer Van Dyke Parks who was a friend of Kinky Friedman. Parks reported that Friedman used a version of the jocular injunction with the word “like”:

    Interviewer: So songwriting for you is a daily activity?

    Van Dyke Parks: There are months that go by that I don’t write songs. I go out and take care of the garden; I take care of the realities. I get the house reroofed and painted and stuff. Pick the kid up from school—both kids, if I’m lucky. And in the meantime I stay plastered to the news.

    Interviewer: So to connect with those realities beyond everyday life you stay aware of this reality.

    Van Dyke Parks: Yes. I find something that moves me. Kinky Friedman said, “Find what you like and let it kill you.”[Laughs]​
  7. PhillyDave

    PhillyDave “The essential doesn't change.” Beckett Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    I think i have the above mentioned book. I guess I'll look it up tonight.
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  9. Maybe we should all make an image with the quote, quote it to the appropriate source and spread it around the web with the hastags #notbukowski #bukowskididntsaythis

    That'll work, right?
  10. I saw this quote & it inspired me to read Bukowski, I've finished all of his novels & have been steadily working through poetry, it's all changed my life for sure. It makes me laugh to find out the quote that led to me reading all of this wasn't actually his, oh well, I'm glad is was incorrectly attributed & led me here with you fine folks.
  11. Google books is credible, its scans of the actual pages
  12. Although it still doesn't prove that Kinky Friedman didn't steal it from Bukowski !! Ha!
  13. I find it incredibly odd that a quote that's suppose to be Bukowski only surfaced online in November 2012, with nothing at all mentioned before then.
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  14. I did wonder that too. I am all for reading "inspirational" quotes / memes but I would much rather they just say "unknown" than attributing the message to someone whose body of work can be searched easily or has been researched / followed as intensely as Bukowski.
    They'll be saying it was in a letter from Shakespeare next.
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  15. There's a little good in everything.
  16. "They'll be saying it was in a letter from Shakespeare next." -- Bukowski

    *Let them have some fun with that!
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  17. Your house looks great, mjp.
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  18. d gray

    d gray tried to do his best but could not First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    perfect for celebrating columbus day!
  19. Thanks, I did all the electrical work myself.
  20. great! the reflection of the neon in the glass of the lower piece of art is soothing.
  21. You didn't have to do that while it's pitch-dark, you know. At least not all of it.

    About the quote: it's on the board (in wacky letters) so it must be genuine.
  22. I just found this quote in one of NIETZSCHE's notebooks from 1873:

    "... stecke Dir selber Ziele, hohe und edle Ziele und gehe an ihnen zu Grunde!"
    (KSA 7,651 / Notizbuch Sommer-Herbst 1873: 29[54])
    which would translate like:
    "... find yourself high and noble aims and let them destroy you."

    of course I've quoted out of context and translated a bit deliberate, but still...

    another thing:
    are these different from the poem in 'Whoreson Dog #1' (1993)?
    because in the database they're listed seperately.
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  23. I don't have whore son dog #1 so I don't know. Not sure why it's a separate entry...
  24. Erik

    Erik If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

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  25. Pogue Mahone

    Pogue Mahone Officials say drugs may have played a part Redwood Original

    It's a different poem. I'm not sure if this is the complete poem, but here's the first page:

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  26. A "letterpress print" on eBay. Just so you know that the world never forgets once it "knows" something.

  27. A line in "what happened to the loving, laughing girl in the gingham dress?" reminds me of the "find what you love" quote:

    You were destroyed by what you befriended.
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