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I'm a sucker for Buk letters. Does anyone know if there will be future editions of unpublished letters? I suppose any publisher could handle them (with estate permission). Any idea if this may happen in the next few years?

Laughing boy, Joseph K.
I've not heard a peep, but the booksearch program I use at work usually only knows things after people here have for at least 2 months, so...

Still, it would be nice. There's certainly plenty of uncollected correspondence out there.
Does Ecco even reprint the letter books? I've seen Ecco versions of just about everything else, but I can't recall seeing the letters...
No, Ecco doesn't do the letters.
Virgin in the UK does for the European market though.

I would love to see more correspondence published.
I think I liked those 3 BSP books of letters more than some of the posthumous poetry.

Still, there can't be a large market for Bukowski letters.
What would be commercially viable for BSP would probably seem like a stupid idea to Ecco.
What they Do is still distributing them.

But only the first has an 'ecco-label' on it (see below), the others, at least when I bought them for bukowski-shop, didn't.


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