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From the information this community has tracked all over the years, all the historical incoherencies, his written words, his videos, what would you say are the things, you personally, have in common with Bukowski?

My case would be frugality: knowing that money is security, so you can live, and do what you do. It’s established that Bukowski had a reasonable amount saved up when he decided to quit the post office.

I also have money, a bad job, but have money, I just don’t have anywhere, or anything, I’d like to spend it, no place to get to know, no electronic device to upgrade or buy, no expensive instrument to learn, no expensive hobbies, no organized fun shit, no out of the ordinary vices. If I can just get enough to achieve the fuck you mode, I’ll be okay, until then, I’m okay as well.


Usually wrong.
The struggle to survive, distrust of many people. The feeling that life is an endless battle against the odds.

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