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is this mamma jamma for sale to the public yet?

Yes, it is, but my webmaster is easily distracted, so he never actually got around to posting it for sale on the website. (By the way, my webmaster is me.)

I have about 15-20 softcovers still available and one hardcover remaining. I'll post this for sale on the website at the same time I do the #3/4 double issue, so I'll give you a heads-up once that's done. In the meantime, [email protected] will work if anyone wants one.

Quite a while back, I sent out all of the orders that I had received from So if anyone still didn't get theirs yet, please let me know. Thanks.
I have a customer that wants one of each, paperback&hardcover #2, and a couple of each edition of 3/4....

I'll send you an email, but please hold..


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