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Kinda going movie nuts. Yesterday saw Uncle Buck with the wife & kids, then watched the Gene Hackman double bill The French Connection and Night Moves. NM is pretty good.
Anybody else see the movie Paterson? I think my parents found it a bit slow maybe. For me it was awesome and meditative and fucking hilarious. Does anybody have an opinion of Jim Jarmusch? I saw Coffee and Cigarettes and I really liked it but I haven't seen much of his other movies.

Yeah, been a Jarmusch fan fer a long time. All his work is really good for various reasons: The cinematography, the acting, the scripts, the pacing...shit- everything.. Check all the trailers out, see what looks cool at a glance and go for it. I'm partial to Down By Law, Dead Man, and Ghost Dog. Oh, and yes. I agree with your assessment of Paterson.
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I only saw half. The contemporary vampire is not my jawn. Dracula and that's about it. It is well done, sure, but I got it from the library and it was overdue so back it went.
Nobody got too into Broken Flowers? I had forgotten about that one until I looked up the filmography. So I guess it didn't make a huge impression on me. Or maybe I just saw it when I was too wasted to really remember.
Saw this WEIRD movie, The Mirror by Tarkovsky. Yet I really liked it. He's an odd scene. Really cool too.
Home sick. Watched these recently and liked them a lot. Well done & exciting noir and different from each other as well.

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Gonna watch MbtS now. If I went solely by the trailer I wouldn't want to see Manchester by the Sea but it's Lonergan, my wife liked it, and I liked what the critics had to say. Not that that always matters but I liked the positive and negative observations about it.

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MbtS was a heartbreaker. Very good. Boy, that Casey Afleck is a way better actor than his brother Skippy. Also watched What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Now that was fucked up and odd and awesome and very well acted by Joan Crawford & Betty Davis. Watched most of it with my 12 yr old son. He had many questions which is cool. He liked it but was confused, a lot. Then there was the 1968 movie Medium Cool. Kick ass cinema verite. And last but not least I saw the Werner Herzog movie Rescue Dawn staring Batman, not Skippy Batman, Dark Night Batman Christian Bale. A win again except the ending was a little cheezy considering the movie was so authentic, intense and moving. Oh well. This is what happens when a person stays home from work sick/going insane. Good run.
I saw this good movie lately. Expertly acted, fine script.


and saw this with the family on the big screen. v cool.

I am reading Patricia Highsmith's novel so I decided to watch this. It's been a while. Great. The merry-go-round scene at the end is classic.

In Bruges
This is excellent, a movie worth watching multiple times. Those are my favorite kinds. The director Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths is great too. His most recent movie, Three Billboards has a fine cast but I'm not so sure about it. A friend, whose movie opinion I trust, didn't like it too much.
Also just watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It's a'ite. Fun. Well done. My 13 yr old chose it and it's amusing to see what he picks now that it's not exclusively kiddie movies or superhero movies anymore.
Woke up early & couldn't fall back asleep. Watched this at 4am. The book by Pete Dexter is excellent. I think it's loosely based on his experiences as a journalist for the now dead The Bulletin here in Philly in the 70's. Hoffman is/was a brilliant actor.
Woke up at 3:12am this morn & could not fall back asleep so I watched this. We, the guys, will be watching it for the movie club/thing tomorrow I do once a month. I've probably said this before about certain movies but...I liked it a lot and it deserves multiple viewings. Bresson's directorial style is compelling, kind of realistic, kind of fake.

Weekend by Godard. I'm still not sure if this is a "good movie" but it is interesting, weird, an experiment really. But like Pickpocket & Jeanne Dielman I am compelled and can't turn away.

I think the title is kewl. The movie itself was okay but not astounding.
It's interesting you should say that because Jarmusch took the title from a 1964 novel abt out of control teen agers running wild in England to be adapted into a movie staring Mick & Keith and be directed by Nick Ray of Rebel Without A Cause fame...and for further connections. Early on Jarmusch worked with/for Nick Ray. Jarmusch kinda befriended him at the end of his career.

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