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I got her okay this afternoon (German time) and didn't make it here until now. After logging in, it was my first post to tell you that. (Referring to this post.)

But I'll have to leave now, as I am really REALLY disapointed with the 'new' forum. It's not a matter of aestetic gusto anymore:

(okay, I admit it's 11:30 pm here now on a Saturday and I'm not sober. But I'm pretty sure, I WON'T be able to work with this new style even if I drop the soup for a whole week. THIS THING IS HELL! I couldn't even start to tell, what's wrong with it and I sure would have to search a long time to find anything, that's right.)
Roni, my brother, I am making dinner for a thousand people here, and no matter what I make, someone isn't going to be able to eat it.

I find this software to be easier to use than the old one, which is why I changed it. It's easier for the average user, or a new user. You will get used to it. And I will here and now boldly predict that you will prefer it later on down the road, whatever your first impressions are now.

For everyone else, you may notice some horror and debris for a while. This new thingie was tested quite extensively, but tests are just tests. In the real world, things, they is a little weird. Hang in there.
Some of the typing is very faint (for my old eyes). Trying to head straight for the last page of a multi-page thread is difficult.

And what is it with this point system? I have 91, mjp has 1,691, and Roni has zero!?! That ain't right.
The counters and whatnot may not update until certain scheduled tasks run (usually once a day around midnight). I just manually ran the "award" point update and Roni has 191.

The point system is just a tactic to encourage participation. I thought it and the "like" feature were pretty stupid when I first encountered this software, but I have since warmed up to both. Your mileage may vary.
Trying to head straight for the last page of a multi-page thread is difficult.
This forum works a little differently than we're used to. If it knows you have read part of a thread it will deposit you in the thread at the first unread post when you click a thread title. Since it doesn't know what we've read yet, every thread link will drop you at the first post. Then once the post is open you can click the page number to go where you want to. It will work well once we use it for a while.

Let me know which text is too light and I'll darken it. I'll make all the text black eventually.
Click the tiny blue dot on the left of the thread title to go to the first unread post, (although this may be one you have already read - as mjp points out, this software doesn't yet know what you've already read).

Initially, it might be useful to push this button/link found at the top of the forum:


... just to catch up.

It'll all work out fine folks!
Okay, maybe I'm getting used to this. You must have darkened up some of the fonts. I can read most everything now.

Still getting used to it all. Lots of work, I can tell. Good job.

I was going to keep the weird avatar but decided for my own weird one.

roni, i think you're great, but your post reads like a satire of the kind of net troll that assumes that every forum should be catered entirely to his wishes, rather than to those of the people who actually own and operate the forum.

we'll miss you for sure, but leaving in a huff because you don't like the new design is awfully overdramatic, don't you think?
I like the easier-to-read FONT - or is it my glasses....

so far so good

Jordan -

I'm pretty sure Roni was just an unhappy test-driver.

He'll be back on the track soon as he sees fit. We all swerve once-in-while

(just a feeling:))
It's much faster. They had the benefit of starting from scratch using modern techniques, rather than building on top of 10 years of old code.

And it is a different font, yes; Trebuchet. I was never a big fan, but it works.
After the technical difficulties guy went away yesterday, I thought I was on facebook for a while. Ouch! But that was my weirdness, sleepiness and general neanderthal speed in realizing a technical change was made. The white background is a tough thing for my eyes, it doesn't exactly hurt, but it's not easy to watch the screen now.

Great thing is that the former difficulties concerning my WYSIWYG have disappeared.
i think it's great. it's just a matter of getting used to the new and the old will
soon be forgotten.

thanks for all the hard work.
The new forum does'nt look too bad, I think. I have'nt tried all the features yet but the posts looks just fine. It should be easy to get used to the new look, including the white background which feels a bit weird after all those years with a gray background (I guess the color could be changed back to gray, if necessary). It's certainly great to have a faster forum.
Thanks, for all the hard work getting the new forum up and running!
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Looks different, but not bad. Like getting a new pair of shoes, that feel a bit odd for a couple days, but then you get used to them and they are perfect.

I need to fix my Avatar, but other than that it looks great.

I need to try to upload a picture to see how it works...

huntington by scott.JPG

BAM! Easy like Sunday morning. Much easier than before (as long as I did it right.)

Yikes! -- First I log into my Facebook account last night (which I hadn't visited in a while) and it's gone nutso on me. Tries to infect me with 3 viruses, plus I hate the way it looks. I'll not be back to Facebook. And then this morning, the Buk Forum has gone nutso on me. I thought maybe my machine had been hijacked by Manga warriors again. But at least it's not launching attacks from the Black Eyed Peas, or whatever the fuck they call themselves. And it seems to work okay although I don't know where anything is. I hate change, mjp, but I'll try to stay open minded about this. I know you have good reasons for the new platform. At least I found this thread, so I know it's not just my machine acting up.
That alone is a GREAT improvement. Adding photos in the old system was a pain. This could not be easier.

One thing that I miss "Who's online", which may be hiding or gone for good.
So far I like it, though it might take a few days to get used to the changes.

Just noticed that the link button is disabled. Is that intentional or am I missing something?

Nevermind... I figured it out.
For anyone wondering about replying to a post and including multiple quotes, just click the blue Reply link at the bottom right of each post that you wish to quote from... seems to work.
Well, I screwed up and I've just discovered that I can't delete my post.
We can't delete posts anymore? That's too bad. It was a nice feature to have.
You can still delete posts (I'm pretty sure - ha - I will check...I did not intend to take away that ability). The time limit for editing/deleting is 30 minutes, which is what it was before. One of the good things here is that can be changed depending on which user group you are in. Meaning it doesn't have to be the same for everyone.

Right now there are only three non-admin/mod usergroups. I wanted to simplify things before we moved, but as time goes on I'll add back the other groups (500+ posts, 1000+ posts, etc.), and we can increase the edit time on the other groups. Or I can increase it now. I don't really care, I just don't want someone to be able to edit/delete a two day old post with a bunch of replies. That only leads to confusion, chaos and communism.

And just an aside for those resistant to change - as weird as this is for you, it's about 50 times more weird for Hank Solo, Hooch and me. So if we can deal, you can deal. Ya hear?! ;)

As for the white background, the old message background was almost white (RGB 249 as opposed to 255 for those of you familiar with color value geekery). The main difference here is the black borders and grey strips around the individual posts are gone. Once you get used to it I think you'll find it makes the threads "flow" a little better. For lack of a better term. Also we restrict the width now, obviously, which is the hardest thing for me to get used to, but I did that in the interest of readability. Monitors are getting wider and a fluid layout can make for some difficult reading if you stretch it too far.

Layout is always subject to change, and if there's something that really bothers a lot of you, I'll change it. I'm still slowly tweaking, trying to get rid of most of the light grey text. But in some places it's useful to de-emphasize things that are less frequently used.
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Hooch won't like it he can't "like" his own posts, though.

it's ok. I keep a logbook at home here to record my posts that I like. I'm on volume 12. oops. make that volume 13.

kidding aside, mjp has done some good work here, I think. and he's fixed many of the little glitches that first popped up when he first unveiled the new forum less than 24 hours ago.

huzzah for the chief!
I never posted images in the old/older forum format and now it's as user friendly as can be.
Adding photos in the old system was a pain. This could not be easier.
Oh, I can't believe you didn't like this image posting method! ;)

One thing I wanted to bring up, and you can see an example of it in hank solo's final post in that thread, is that images that were attached before, then displayed in the post are replaced with ugly IMG tags. The images are still there as attachments, but the import of the old forum data into the new joint could not accommodate the old method for displaying attached images. So that sucks, but it can't be helped. Like I said, the images are still there as attachments, but it kind of screws up old threads.
You can still delete posts (I'm pretty sure - ha - I will check...I did not intend to take away that ability). The time limit for editing/deleting is 30 minutes, which is what it was before.

The time frame is fine, and I found the delete option (maybe because you just added it?)
Also, I noticed when you want to quote somebody, you have to put the cursor between the two quote signs yourself before you paste the quote. In the old forum it put the cursor was put between the two quote signs automatically. Is it possible to make the new forum do that as well?
I think I see what you mean Bukfan. You mean if you use the
quote button. I expect that placing the cursor manually is unavoidable for now. Perhaps it's something that will be corrected by a later patch.

Have you tried the Reply option, which automatically quotes the post (which you can trim if you don't want to quote the whole thing)?
THIS THING IS HELL! I couldn't even start to tell, what's wrong with it and I sure would have to search a long time to find anything, that's right.)
Baby, you should know that "hell never stops". After the initial shock and a good sleep, you'll find your way like I did.
Really, it's not that bad, especially if I can do it. ;)
you have to put the cursor between the two quote signs yourself before you paste the quote.
Oh wow, that's pretty dumb. I'll bring that to the developer's attention.

I rarely use that, preferring the Reply link that adds the quote with attribution.


Now that I look at how the quote button works, I think it is working as it's supposed to. Assuming most people will use "Reply" to quote from a post, the quote button would be used to quote text from outside the forum. if you paste some text from outside, then select that text, applying the quote button puts the quotes on both ends and places the cursor under the quoted text so you can keep typing.

I guess it's the selecting of the text that's an extra step. But no one in the developer's forum has even mentioned this, so I have to wonder if most people consider what it's doing now to be "correct." I'll bring it up anyway.

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