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These pics are probably in The Wedding, but most of us can't afford it anyway while Penthouse is more, ahem, affordable.


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i bought this Penthouse editon on ebay for 2,-Euro years ago there is also other interesting stuff mentioned there ;-)

By the way the complete wedding story was written from Bukowski for Penthouse himself and not from
an outstanding reporter!
just re-read the wedding story it`s an odd well-behaved translation without the Weissner
spirit. Bukowski wrote about the arrangements they had to made ( buying the rings ,rent a room...) and that Linda got a strong flu a few days before the wedding date.
So they had almost to cancel the whole thing.
Locklin, Richmond and a publisher from " High Times " magazine called " Razzo " were invited. A Reggae Band did the music on the party - never heard that fact before would be a good question for the Buk triveria.
Which band played " No woman no cry " on Hank`s wedding?
Charles Bukowski
I wrote some of my best stuff for money and some of my worst for my soul.
Sorry but with the quality of this story i had to disagree.
Can you help a little with the translation

Only for Father Luke

Petey translated another page of the mag.

Hmmm, German isn't my native language (although I am able to read it) and as you all have noticed, my English is really bad.

But I'll give it a try.

Between horse bettings, drinks and dirty stories the thought came to me to marry my Linda. But the preperations only, drove me already to the edge of insanity

I know Linda about 8 or 9 years and most of these years we already live together. To live with a man, who is a combination of a drunk, horseplayer and a writer you need a lot of courage and Linda is a brave lady. And because I love her and because it's natural to me to honor her, I found a wedding entirely in order. It really bothers me our decision to use the church and the state for our blessing, but it seems there is no other way to skip this formality.

The mag has a few cliche-funny comment on the pictures.
Like: After a couple of drinks and champagne Hank is energetic enough to play the joker.

Sorry for the bad translation, my name is not Carl. Where is Roni or the other German cats when you need them!
Where is Roni or the other German cats when you need them!

hey i am with you and job well done!

Petey appeares to be the more reliable source these days.

I still have no internet at my new home and have to be at a friend's office to go online.
Also I still don't get my things done. Still working on putting together the yearbook of 2007! Never been THAT late with it! (In fact it's about time to start work on the next one.) Still working on the new bukowski-shop. Still trying to get up before 2pm - at least sometimes. Ah, Hell! I'm not the master of my life or myself! I'd need a good 2 years-vacation from myself.

Hope I'll be of more use for you cats pretty soon.

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