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What's this worth? (1 Viewer)

Ummm, is it "Cruelty..." or something else? I'm confused. Maybe if you describe it? Like maybe a title or sumpin'?
Shit. Sorry Chronic. This isn't working. I meant to post a picture of a book - but it didn't come out as it was supposed to. So: there are 2 threads - the first relating to the book on ebay & the second . . well, I have to work at it. Sorry.
I paid $800 for my copy when it was first published and that was $200 less than the published price, so I think $450 is pretty reasonable. It's a beautiful, beautiful piece but it is a vanity item that only appeals to the most decadent and senseless collectors. There aren't many willing to pony up all that money, which is why they had a hard time unloading these. From an artistic standpoint, this thing is a home run, but like NOT QUITE BERNADETTE and THE WEDDING, it is overpriced for what it is.
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...& the second . . well, I have to work at it. Sorry.

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You're not kidding! And remember, this is a lettered copy. I paid almost 3x that for a numbered copy. Quite a steal. If I had know, I'd have bought it and shelved it for a year or two until the market heated up again. "There's nothing worse that too late."
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