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Did throb 2 come out in 1971 also? If so, I need that one. Any chance of talking to the publisher and seeing if he wants to sell it?


edit: I see that he has a website and sells them there.
I indeed do have 4 PRISTINE uncirculated sets of THROB nos. 1&2 available for $75 per set, postage included (WAY cheaper than ABE et al). [mailing address] or [email address]. Bukowski submitted both different poems under the same titles, SUMMER. It wasn't me. If you don't like the site, check out my blog you fuckers: [blog address] You don't know who Rod Mckuen is? Jesus...
I'm a youngin. I wasn't even a glint in my father's eye when this was published. Hell, he was barely old enough to vote...
check out my blog you fuckers
Yeah, the blog is MUCH better. The other site is a bit busy and day-glo.

Yeah, Rod McKuen is a poet. Probably the best selling living poet. He has sold millions and millions of books. I know that he was required reading for every girl in college in the late 60's. Even my Ma read him and she did not read poetry.

I heard a story that guys used to walk around with a Rod McKuen book under their arm and that this was an aphrodisiac.

Thanks a lot for the scans, LTS! I loved the 10 Easy Questions.

Ps.: I wonder why Kettleneck is trying to insult us? What a weird sales gimmick...
You little girls blow my mind. JESUS, I just tryed to SELL some shit. NO sense of humour. When I dug Bukowski I was living in LA 17-years-old and we would call him on the phone(the # he had in some poem) and when you would get HIM fucking great shit like 'yeah baby where's your bitch' blah blah. BUT as my friend Jack Micheline told me once: 'Bukowski needs love' and right, I sez WHAT? Love is for fools FUCK but but it was like love will kill you. And Jack was ALL love we're ALL gonna make it. AND so fucking what so I write THEE POEMS my WHOLE life. So go back to your day job man, I ain't no punk and I love you all's spirit but fuck you anyway.

AND PS you know all you nippledick blah blah PUNKS I was 19 when I did those 'The Chas. Answers 10 Easy Questions' FUCK YOU. Go try and blow yourself. It didn't work the first time. AND OF COURSE fuck you all.
You mean you just tried to sell some shit and then threw in:
What's with the lame John Martin quote? Trouble is really coming, motherfucker..............
and added some other insulting and rude comments in your subsequent posts.

Where does that come from? Do you have Tourettes or something?
Frankie, you're so comically angry and profoundly stupid that it's really funny to let you keep posting here. Kind of like engaging the sputtering lunatic who digs through your recycling bin in conversation. Funny like that.

Yet, on the other hand, I feel guilty for letting you make such an ass of yourself. It's a conundrum, I tell ya.

Can we just keep you in a cage somewhere and trot you out when we need a laugh? I think that would be the best solution.
Get drunk and party you piece of shit. Write something like this:

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one slice across the neck, one (precious shell from the 9mm) we are talking about tears and poetry here. ACTUALLY I was trying to sell some Bukowski collectibles. GOODBYE BABY and it's a shame cus you're so good looking............
Nettlebeck, Again - thanks for posting the Bukowski scans. They are well worth seeing and you were the one to do it. Good luck.
You'll never leave voluntarily. You love the attention.

Where else in the world could you find half a dozen people who know your name (tangentially, through a real writer)?

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