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He has written more here in the last week than in the last fifteen years. Bukowski.net is his muse. Way to drag him out of obscurity.
It was very nice. I even managed to squeeze in a bit of culture (The Rijksmuseum). I've been there before but it was still worth going. It'll be nice when it's finished ;)
Other than that I just chilled really. One of the people with us had a bit of a bad time on space cake but he calmed down after a while. Quite amusing. I indulged in a bit of finest Nepalese hash and some herbal called L.A. Woman. And some cake, just for the craic. The weather was lovely too.
Looks like they figured out that he wrote the wikipedia article himself.

Search under "F.A. Nettelbeck" in Google and you will see that this very thread is #9 on the list of hits (out of a total of 755 hits). The top 4 are his website and Wikipedia.
Well, that's just wrong. The internet is a cruel mistress.

I'm sure glad I've never said anything stupid on line!
You have to go to a flea market in the backwoods of Oregon to get your prize. It's a copy of BUG SPRAY, his masterpiece.

He's going to want to kiss you on the mouth when he presents it to you though. Just a warning. You'll have to look at his picture again and decide whether you think it's worth it...
and when he kisses you, this is important, he wants you to keep your eyes open. and don't imagine you're kissing Beyonce. he fucking hates Beyonce.

I can't imagine why, I find Beyonce quite fetching.
well I always knew that winning was over rated. And losing hasn't ever been that bad. Besides I'd rather wait to win something better, like a migrane or a root canal or a bucket of shit......
I miss the old Wiki article. It had a certain grandure. All art is self-aggrandizement anyhow, and most critism is hero-worship, so what the hell. Objectivity is highly overrated.

I bet Mr. Nettelbeck is enjoying all this as much as we are.
Oh no! Frank! How did you find my name?! I feel so exposed!

What could possibly come next from such a devastatingly thorough and cruelly blackhearted investigative mind?! I'm ruined!

I'm going to go kill myself with bug spray.
Seriously? I was there in Dec 2004 and it was under renovation.
It still is believe it or not. I think it was meant to be finished in 2008 but it's now gone waaaaay over budget and they're talking about 2013. I've actually been years ago when the whole thing was open but even at present they've got a relatively small bit open where you can just view the 'masterpieces'. No bad thing in a way as there's far too much to see in one day properly if it was fully open.
Travel is best when you are young. I heartily endorse the sport of travel for the youth of the world. That being said, Don't go to dangerous places. Remember Midnight Express. In fact, don't go anywhere they make a kkkkhhhh sound when they talk.
I wish I traveled more. I've always wanted to spend a couple months touring Europe, but who has that kind of time or money?

not me, brother.
In the early 70's a poet friend of mine traveled to the Middle East and North Africa with only a bag over his shoulder. He spent a long time there. Seems like that would be the way to go.

Of course, most of these places are a bit more dangerous now, but if I was single, it seems that traveling through Europe and staying in hostels would be the way to go.

i couldn't afford to go to mexico so i walked to the taco bell beside the gas station.
felt like i was right there!
Has anyone ever had the tacos at Chipotle? They are very tasty. Of course their burritos are large and flavorful as well. I usually go for the Barbacoa burrito, with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, roasted chili-corn salsa, lettuce, cheese and a little bit of sour cream.
Yes, Chipotle is some good eatin'.

And speaking of Taco Bell, I highly recommend the Volcano Taco. Try it with jalapenos.

Jalapenos are not usually on the menu, but a little known fact is that some Taco Bells can hook you up if you request them.
I found the Volcano Taco to be wonderful, but at $3 - and the same size as a regular $0.89 taco - overpriced. It seems as if the extra $2 is for a spoonful of spicy sauce and red shell. For the price of two of those you can get the tacos at Chipotle, and three come in the order. You can spice them up to your heart's content.

Then there are the 416,592 taco trucks in Los Angeles, but that's another story.
Well I should get back to Lincoln Blvd.! That was my stomping ground for some time.

I could be mistaken about the price, I'll have to check. I was in Pasadena or Alhambra. For $1.19 I would have to change my tune and recommend a bagful of Volcano Tacos for everyone!
There is also a volcano burrito...I think that may be what I saw for $3. But if you haven't ever eaten at Taco Bell you are in for a gastronomical treat. Fine dining in a wholesome family atmosphere at recession-friendly prices!

You have to bring your own wine though...
speaking of burritos, when i was in college in Kalamazoo, they advertised a the biggest burrito you've ever scene. It took three mexicans to hold it for the camera. One night, after a few bottles of boones farm strawberry hill, I decided it was time to see who would win. The burrito or My bowels.

To be continued ....
I live just a few blocks away from Tito's Tacos.

Never eat there though.

Cinco de Mayo (right next door to Tito's) is better, plus there's never a line and they're open 24/7.

Just thought I'd through that out there in case anyone is passing through the neighborhood.
speaking of burritos, when i was in college in Kalamazoo, they advertised a the biggest burrito you've ever scene.
I'm surprised that the city of Kalamazoo would advertise an oversized burrito, but I guess with budget cuts and whatnot, municipalities have to resort to unusual ways to raise money.

I am also surprised to hear that there are three Mexicans in Michigan to hoist said burrito, but I guess times change.
In fact, don't go anywhere they make a kkkkhhhh sound when they talk.

Like in Holland, you mean? :D

- We don't have Taco Bells over here (although there are places which sells burritos), but smoerrebroed ain't bad either.

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