mjp is 50! (1 Viewer)

Age has definitely soured me on some aspects of popular culture, so that old cliche is true. Though I think there was a tipping point where people started doing more recycling than creating,

Enjoy it while you still have your teeth.

mjp: here's a guy enjoying himself even without his teeth!
Just hang in there - endurance is king you know. :D

it's funny you should link to that video, Erik. mjp is actually in it:

I will add that I hereby openly challenge anyone reading this to a competition of strength or endurance! I will vanquish all foes in either arena or in that of pleasantness of appearance.

Any who shall wish to challenge me on that front will submit themselves to the judgment of a group of refined ladies who shall use scientific and aesthetic measurement and analysis to determine which of us possesses the most pleasing visage.

Once I roundly and soundly defeat you in both spheres, the loser (you), shall procure for the winner (myself) a dinner suitable for the entertainment of a cherished relative or head of state at an establishment of the winner's (my) choice, not limited by geography or cost.
while I'm sure Carol and your mom are 'refined ladies', they're not exactly impartial judges of your 'pleasing visage.'

just putting that out there. you know, for edification and all.

and why are you talking like Sherlock Holmes? first the Lost in Space thing and now this. dude, I'm starting to worry about you.

Here is an of Ambreen's birthday greeting complete with the sexual tensions we've all grown accustom to between those two.
I'm not as fatty as this cow!

You know Gerard, things have radically changed, he has lost all his aura since I have discovered that he wears five fingers shoes and enjoys reading things like Tom Cruise's forbidden bio. He actually turns out to be too pomo and too girly for me. :(

And he only played once at CBGB, tssss.
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Oh, I get it, you two are trying to act like it's over so you can continue on the down low. It's too obvious about you two with all of that chemistry and fake penistry flying around between the two of you. I intercepted a private message about what you wanted mjp to do to you with those five toe shoes.;)
aw, shit am I late!

Anyway. Now that you're 50 at last, come over to catch the first of your monthly 100.-checks I've promised you.


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