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I come back here to read your posts, you have a way of being intelectual but not showboating. Keep on keeping on

We all might scribble a few poems here or there... Even might grab the small testicles we have and write a short novel....If you are willing to brave that literary frontier.

That being said, not sure if I am speaking as the majority, this forum serves as a sanctuary for those that might see literature differently than the academics we might bump shoulders with.

And that is what I think Hank wanted, everyone that read his throw up on pages to think differently than the common joe that has a PHD in literature with a mind that is as narrow as a line of blow.

So to all the trolls that come on this site and post garbage because you have no life.

Fuck. Off.

Mjp you voice is a shotgun blast. Use it.

And to all the other bukowski’ns here, I love you all. Stay strong.

Until next time.

The Ph.D thing. Yeah, you know, I'm glad that's been brought up. I know I shouldn't care. I never have cared about this in terms of my art education. Most of my friends have Masters degrees in art. Maybe it used to bother me and I felt I had to prove myself. I made up for it by gaining more experience and producing more work. So now I don't care. But when it comes to writing, I feel I'll always be seen as a hack because I know I'm looked down on by college people. It doesn't matter how many classes I've taken, or how much self study I've done. People are just pretentious and think in terms of certificates I guess. But I think, and this is just a theory, that there is a financial resentment. College is very expensive, and if parents aren't paying the entire way, it's usually paid for with loans that students have to pay back after they graduate. I think they see this as literally "paying their dues." They don't like the "self-taughts." I think they view it as an easier road and don't take the whole story into consideration and this is part of their elitist resentment of those that educate themselves through other means and not the university path.

Just a theory.

Bukowski may have been hated for this, in part.

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