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By the way... Thanks for funding my project you guys! Sorry I've been pretty absent here. I was off fulfilling all those rewards and prepping 3 shows. Most of that work is done. I have one last one to deliver to Santa Ana. But I digress... Just wanted to say thanks. :)
A 3D printing pen.

Because I don't have enough stuff that's completely awesome for a few weeks then sits in a drawer for 15 years.

But seriously, I am backing that, and seriously, I do expect it will wind up in a drawer. But how can you not want to play with that?
I don't imagine that they would take the money and run, but I can imagine that if they did, it would be tough to get your money back. Stealing a little money from a LOT of people seems to leave a lot of small victims. Also, they said that the factory in China is ready to make thousands. They are over 11000 now. I guess that the Chinese will have to hire extra people.

Interesting idea, but in ways a bit of a silly invention.

On the subject of take the money and run, I backed a book on there that hasn't been delivered even though it was funded on September 20.


So there's never a guarantee over there. But the other things I've backed were all delivered on time.
I never received the stuff from the last two projects I backed that were successfully funded. I'm taking a moratorium from Kickstarter.
I hope one wasn't mine! If so, please let me know. I try to get everything sent, but sometimes miss stuff and then there is the problem of things being lost int he mail...

You really should contact these people and ask for your stuff. They may have mailed it or think that they did.... Or they are scammers....

no it wasn't you, Bill. if it was, I would've already given you a stern frowning!

one ended last spring and the "thank you gifts" seemed ambitious. the second one ended in November, with a December ship date. it may just be late.

"c'est la vie, c'est la guerre, c'est la pomme de terre."
Damn. What percentage of projects is that? Two out of 100 is one thing, two out of half a dozen is quite another.

Though I've only done six (four, if you're only counting people I don't know, and three if you don't count the not-yet-delivered 3D pen), so that one no-show is just about "two out of half a dozen" for me. Not a very good track record if you look at it that way.
You really should contact these people and ask for your stuff. They may have mailed it or think that they did.... Or they are scammers....l
I've contacted the non-author a few times through Kickstarter and have never received a reply.

A book can take years to write, I get that, but if she'd said that up front I wouldn't be complaining (or contributing, I suppose).
I've only funded four projects. Two were by people I know, got my stuff. Two by people I don't know? Nada, yo.
referring to that pen as a 3D printer in any regard is ridiculous - it's like calling a pencil a "2D printer". the whole point of 3D printing is to render prototypes, not to make wobbly crap out of plastic.

anyway, they're the ones with 1.7 million dollars (as of now), so i might as well let it go. some of the design stuff on kickstarter makes my blood boil, though.

how bout $30,000 for these guys making artisanal handmade notebooks? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mirthandco/mirth-and-co-notebooks

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