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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
I'm w you hooch, I and P and fuckin A.

d gray

tried to do his best but could not
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this thread should be called "what Philly Dave et al are drinking" ?

(cheap red wine on a friday afternoon for d gray...)

d gray

tried to do his best but could not
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not at all! keep em coming.

me too i'm just not motivated enough to post it.

btw you weren't too far from where my cottage is. how were the bugs up there?


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
The bugs were insane as per usual. Mosquitos, yikes. Fortunately, the deck, before the dock, is now screened in. I usually come home w as many as 30 bites all over but none from the wife
Last day of vaca today. Spent the week in Cape May, NJ ("just the tip"). Of course, we had to spend some hours at Cape May Brewery.

The fight was:

Honey Porter Nitro 5.4%
Cape May IPA Nitro 6.3%
Summer Catch Wheat 5.5%
Follow the Gull IPA 5.5%


Contrary to what I posted a few months ago, I'm now investigating IPAs. I'll always love my Belgian Whites/Hefes/Guinness, but my palate is needing something new.

Follow the Gull was a winner---not too bland, not too strong. A good newbie IPA... The Great Wit Shark was excellent. Had to get the matching glass...



One half of menu:

Our local Giant supermarkets now sell alcohol. Continuing with my IPA exploration, on tap last night:

Dogfish Head Brewery--Delaware (we consider it a local brewery)
--Liquid Truth Serum IPA - 7%

Sly Fox--Pottstown PA (a very local brewery, 10 mins from home)
--Vulpulin - 6%

Sweet Water Brewing--Georgia

Boulevard Brewing--Kansas City
--Space Camper Cosmic IPA - 5.9%

I think I liked the Cosmic IPA the best, followed by the Sweet Water. The Sweet Water had an almost wheat beer texture. The Dogfish Head started fine but it seemed to leave a "dishwater like" aftertaste a minute or two after the last sip. Interesting pull tab on the Sly Fox. First time for me seeing that design.




Found this. Belgian beer. Very dark taste and I also found it to be a bit acid. Flavor was definitely a bit disappointing but... 10.5% alcohol???Sign me up.



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Having folks over. Little pre-game warm up with the wife. Ciderboys for M, Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA with artwirk by Ralph Steadman for PhillyDave. Both v good.

Love Hoegaarden. It's our house beer.

I was told by a colleague from Belgium that it's pronounced "Hoo-garden." I always order it that way, and am always corrected by the waitstaff and/or bartender. "Ok, one Hoh-garden."
Yikes, posted this in wrong thread. Can this be moved to "What Are You Drinking" thread?

Terrarium IPA (6% ABV)-- Bunker Brewing Co., Portland ME
Public Access Suspended Disbelief (8% ABV) -- Dorchester Brewing Co., Boston
Public Access Emergency Broadcast (5.5% ABV) -- Dorchester Brewing Co., Boston

Was up in Boston a few weeks ago, and got hooked on the New England style IPA ("juicy"). Found these locally.

All were great. Emergency Broadcast prob the best.

It isn't expensive for a man to drink his death slowly. Seagram's 7. I don't know if that's what this thread is about, but there it is.

Having folks over. Little pre-game warm up with the wife. Ciderboys for M, Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA with artwirk by Ralph Steadman for PhillyDave. Both v good.

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I still will equivocate over getting some of that because I love that they use Steadman's art. Part of me thinks I'm tipping a hat to Steadman every time I pick up a 6 pack. But I know that's a cheap trick. I"ll drink it anyways.
Took a beer break to have a few of these last night...really smooth...


Hi d gray:
I've got a 4 pack of Two-Hearted in the 'fridge. I had never heard of Bell's Brewery 'til I went on a business trip in mid-Dec to Kalamazoo (nightmare trip--Philly to Chicago to KZ, took 13 hours due to weather).

Anyway, we get into KZ and find much to our pleasure it's a friggin' huge beer town; seems like there was a brewery/brew pub on every corner and the surrounding area.

We sampled many, many Bell's offerings. My favorites were the Official Hazy IPA (internet pic for ref only) and the KZ Stout (which I had at the KZ airport).



If you're ever in Kalamazoo, check out The Beer Exchange. Fantastic bar...it's like a stock exchange for beer.

"Up-to-the-minute popularity determines pricing for each brew and in the most exciting moments, a Market Crash plunges prices lower than you ever thought possible!"
Nice, dgray. Brings back memories of college in Philly (Temple, N. Broad St). Going to the Stop 'n' Stab (our name for the local deli) on the corner of Broad and Susquehanna.

Often paired Colt with Rock 'n' Rye. If you want to feel fine in the morning, this combo is not advised.

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