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Any suggestions for sours?

Considered beer for the poor where I live, but to me it's the perfect blend of dark and light beer. Most definitely my go-to. They are apparently stopping beer production here in Mexico because it's non-essential, so I had to stock up on it. Also threw in some ol' Jack into the mix, just for giggles.

Working on this bottle of PEERLESS bourbon.


Is it really peerless?

It may be. All the bourbon flavors are there, and they linger like...something that lingers.

There, that's my review for the Bourbon Creeps website.
I have been spending more on the fruit juice/mixer/seltzer and saving money on the "budget" vodka. It's quite thrifty... though I'm still not rich.....(maybe my Wealth-Thru-Vodka Strategy is overrated?)....hot dog bun......my sister's a nun.......
Direct from Joshua Tree (by way of Oaxaca), this Rancho de la Luna Mezcal is the craziest liquor I've ever tasted. I like tequila, but I've never had its big brother mezcal before.

They are not the same.

I mean, they're both made from agave, but good lord, this stuff is like a handful of nuts and Spanish moss and thick mesquite smoke that happens to be on fire when you put it in your mouth. I think that's how they'd describe it in the Wine Spectator.

Anyway, I don't mean that in a bad way. It's not bad, it's just crazy. Like Keith Moon or Hunter Thompson.


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