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I’m going to get that!! I have just switched from IPA to Pils. We went to the Golden Road Brewery and I sampled a bunch of ipa’s and very disappointing with them all. When I was living in Eugene OR i acquired a taste for IPA. But since relocating to LA I’ve been quite disappointed with the Cali IPA because most of them are fruity and I don’t like fruity or chocolate flavored beers. Golden Road did had a really nice simple Pilsner that I enjoyed. So I am Now Pilsner shopping. At vons yesterday I picked up the only 6 pack of Pilsner I could find on the shelves which was from
Angle City Brewery . It’s pretty good. I would get it again.

I'm at Otty Lake in Canada. This beer,Naughter Neighbor. The beers from Burlington. I'm on vacation & drunk again!
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Michael Moore is one hell of a liar; he claims American workers have little or no vacation at all while PD is spending two full summer months
quaffing beer and partying. It certainly looks so to me.
My job as a juvenile probation officer is crazy, people's lives in hell. I never used a lot of my vacation time and so it added up. Now i'm like, fuck it and taking the time so i dont go insane w 11 yr olders on house arrest, human trafficing, 302's, rape, drug dealer shootings... I wish i were kidding. So hey, if the wife's driving, i'm having beers. This has been the greatest summer in maybe ever. Thank u for ur patience w all my drunk posts.
The Lemoncella for after ribs for dinner. Then tonight by the fire, hanging, checking out the beautiful stars. The Radler is citrus-y and a real easy drink.
Not bad, Dave. I put two shots in with an ice cube. It tasted like a super strong port. I'll give it another go tonight. I followed it up with a Coors Lite though.:D

The combo reminded me of the opening track on LA Woman:

A little uptown... A little downtown...
Drinking some very lovely Fuller's ESB in bed, don't know whether you can get it outside England but get your hands on this shit if you can. Only 5.9% but a few bottles deep and the poetry starts flowing.

The holdaze w a few beers begun last night. I'm in Calabogie ONT sitting by the fire drinking this. Merry holdaze everyone. What u drinkin'?

I'm alive. So last night was chill nite. Tonite was back on the road in Almont at the Legion Post for the wife's father's side of the fam thing. I had three Canadians and i got real dizzy. Wtf? Then i realized i only had 3 coffees in the morn and a few cookies and a butter tart all day. So then we had again Christmas dinner & i felt like a milion bucks. Then i had a few more Canadians and a few shots of fireballs. Needless to say the wife drove us back to her dads. I am tired. And this funny sign was on the door on the way out.


I'm making drinks for my wife & her lady friends. I'm drinking too. Vodka seltzer, vodja o.j.... making moscow mules, Pino Grigio, skinny girl cosmo.... i'm done. They can help themselves. Gonna go upstairs to read w a drink. I feel good & fuzzy.

I'd upvote this but I gotta see pics of the *lady friends* first.
After my mom died a couple of years ago, my father moved up state to the Scranton area. Down the street from him is a restaurant that boats 2500 beers on the premises. So he came down Thurs night with 2 random sixers. These were the best of the bunch. I particularly enjoyed the Hofbrauhaus Dunkel...


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