What are you drinking?

This is a thread to tell what you had to imbibe. And though non-alcoholic drinks are not banned we mostly encourage alcoholic drinks. Especially if you have to drive.

Last night I had my favorite-Black Russian with a beer.


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Last night I drank a bottle of Grolsch beer (large) and 66% of a bottle organic
Spanish (100% tempranillo grape) red wine.
I don't drive a car.


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My neighbor poured four Buttery Nipples after dinner the other night.I drank mine and another one that was left on the table after four Becks.Woke up the next day with a stiff neck.What did she put in there?

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Last night it was a very short and dirty Martini with Beefeater Gin. Just a taste due to the flu.

BTW this is a good idea for a thread slimedog. The title sounded like it was started by one of the European kids.


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Last night it was a very short and dirty Martini with Beefeater Gin. Just a taste due to the flu.
Oddly enough, I had a couple of shots of Knob Creek last night because I'm a sick, and it is a natural cough suppressant.

I've found.

Through experimentation.
Unfortunately the Gallon Jug of Carlo Rossi merlot was on sale yesterday for 9.99...I keep it out in the shop (ironworker). So its gonna be THAT kind of week. Sigh.


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last night:

2 of these:


then my wife and I went through 2 bottles of wine.


I may be wrong but didn't you at least in the past as I recall.

Non drinkers are allowed to post their vile unapealing bevarges of choice. And people who don't drive are welcomed as well.
I don't drink either. Except on phony French TV shows with pretentious obnoxious hosts, ex-psychaitrists of Artaud and women writers with exposed knee caps.


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Yesterday I had one lonely but lovely ice-chilled bottle of ZIPFER beer while lying in bed and listening to T.B. Sheets from Van Morrison.
Ansac cognac was on sale, so last night I had a few snifters of that and a bottle of Longhammer India Pale Ale. (Not at the same time, of course.) Tonight we're cooking dinner and I'll probably dip into my red wine collection.


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Smoking in bed
is nice enough
but I don't smoke
do you?

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I had one Stella Artois light, a few glasses of Agarena, an unexpensive but pleasant red, I shot of amarula, a christmas goodie,(2 days ago). Since then, green tea


Couple bottles of Harp lager. Did some writing and some cooking.
Not a "drunken evening" by any stretch. But just you wait....
I didn't know they made Stella Artois Light- the regular is a great beer.

I had two shots of Jagermeister and an oil can (25 oz) Fosters beer.

We were away during the holidays so we're putting up our Christmas decorations now and I'm listening to a Charles Brown, jazzy blues guy, Christmas album. It feels pretty silly celebrating Christmas in Calif. (warm climate) anytime, so now is okay.

The song says, "I haven't had a drink but I'm all lit up like a Christmas tree."


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Yes I do smoke cigarettes in bed now and then. I also drink in bed.

I used to do so too. But now I don't smoke in bed anymore. I've become an convinced outdoor/balcony smoker.
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... didn't you at least in the past as I recall.

You got me.
I was joking.
Or maybe I was drunk when I wrote that.
On Red Wine I guess.
In that case it wouldn've been a Spanish 'Gran Reserva'.

(Always make sure, your wine isn't too warm! The saying, a red wine should be served at room-temperature obviously comes from an age, when 'room-temperature' had another meaning. In other words: You can't drink ANY wine warmer than 20°C - and this isn't even 'room-temperature'. So - don't be afraid of a little time in the refridgerator even for red wine. - And open it 1 hour before drinking for Chrissake!)
Funny thing about that goddamned Carlo Rossi. You get the headache THE NIGHT you drink it...instead of in the morning. The gallon was supposed to last the week but, well, it didnt. So I've been nursing evening hangovers and starting out fresh every morning. I guess it okay...next week it will be something else.
ive been drinking Glenmorangie 10 year single Malt Whiskey....

DAMN!! (how did that happen!)

my girlfriends folks know i like to drink....so they bought me that for my birthday....

its been going slowly though; i've got a head-cold that feels like styrofoams bin' wedged into my head cavities...


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Black Swan said:
I thought that you liked my balcony;)

Right. Canadian balconies are my favorites.
It's not much overseas, big lakes they call small, and so on. Really.
I'm quite serious. For now.
My son discovered the Light, and his name is not Edison.
I actually prefer the light to the regular.
Jagermeister is lovely.

Somehow I don't think "lovely" is the proper term for Jagermeister. Over the holidays me mum asked what it tastes like. I said nasty cough syrup.

I wonder if that Stella Light is available yet in America?

And Roni is suspended for two and a half days for lying in this thread.

Two Sierra Nevada pints, a jager and a Coors light tonight.
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