What Are You Reading?

Talking about Kindle, i just recently bought one and my first book was The Year of The Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion.

I liked it pretty much. Didion goes with brutal honesty about her life after Dunne's death, while their daugther were stuck to a bed in the hospital. Interesting reading.

Now i'm struggling to end This Side of Paradise, by Fitzgerald, and Living to Tell the Tale, Garcia Marquez autobiography


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I liked Magical Thinking a lot. My wife thought it was ok but that's because she works in grief counseling & hospice care so although well written, not very enlightening for her.
I picked up a copy of Michelle McNamara's "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" last week about the Original Night Stalker (not Richard Ramirez). Guy raped fifty, killed eleven, taunted victims, etc., and was never apprehended. He is also known as The Golden State Killer. FBI put a $50,000 reward up in 2013 even though he was active back in the seventies. Guy is probably still out there. After reading this I think I need a gun and maybe a flamethrower.


Here is a recording of a message he left on a victim's answering machine. Christ...



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I´m reading, "Freak Out! - My Life With Frank Zappa", by Pauline Butcher. She was his English secretary and lived with Zappa and his wife for a year or so around 1969-70. I´ve read about half by now and it´s an interesting book which gives you look into Zappa´s private life and the people he hung out with from time to time.




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Have been reading the Southern Reach Triology by Jeff VanderMeer.

Part 1, Annihilation got me hooked.


Sort of a mixture of sci fi and horror, rather subtle psychological horror. Got made into a movie with Natalie Portman. Haven't seen it but the clips on Youtube appear to be a very loose interpretation of the novel. No scenes like these in the book.

Sadly part 2 Authority and part 3 Acceptance got progressively worse in my opinion. At the end I was disappointed. Anyway, liked part 1, Annihilation. Would recommend this one if you like this kind of weirdness.


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I just finished the memoir WORK by Bud Smith. Sooo fuckin good. A rambling, non-linear, down to earth, straightforward, honest, funny take on Bud's working & non working life in heavy construction. Someone here, Hosho i think, turned me on to the Otherppl podcast. On it i heard an interview/conversation with Bud. It was excellent. Discovering he's fr Jersey and goes in to NY i thought ok, cool. Then he did a reading in Philly, met him & discovered he as cool as i'd hoped. Good dude & great poetry too AND a Bukowski fan. Anyway, i think fans of Buk would like his work. He's prolific as well. Ended up buying that night WORK & his short story collection Double Bird. Now, it won't be as good as The Late Season but i look forward to digging into it next.
Currently reading Dispatches by Michael Herr. He was a vietnam war correspondent for Esquire in the late 60s. He co-wrote Full Metal Jacket and all Captain Willard narration scenes in Apocalypse. Here is an excerpt:

That could be the coldest one in the world, standing at the edge of a clearing watching the chopper you'd just come in on taking off again, leaving you there to think about what it was going to be for you now: if this was a bad place, the wrong place, maybe even the last place, and whether you'd made a terrible mistake this time.
He also mentions smoking a pack an hour one night waiting for the VC to do their thing. Good stuff...

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I had a great time w the family in town yesterday. I was able to convince the wife to pop in to my favorite indie book store, Book Haven, on the way home. Jackpot. Someone had gotten rid of their Bukowski collection, about 15 in all, mostly BSP editions & in good shape. I was able to finally pick up these & get that much closer to BSP complete. So, this is what i will be reading on vacation next week.

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I'm reading Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything

Seinfeld is my favourtie show of all time, so I was excited when my friend gave this to me for my birthday. Almost finished and happy to take in so many new facts about it.