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lothario speedwagon
sorry for kicking up this thread, but i keep getting links to it from people who run into it and all the lovely bashing you're doing of my site, www.LiteraryMary.com.

all i can say is i do not nor have i ever enjoyed the taste of ass, and although i have had a cup of earl grey tea i did not enjoy it.

mary is far from a lady's tea society, father luke. honestly, i never really understood what made you get so upset with us/me/whoever.

i stand behind the critique people there leave and stand behind the idea that critique does not have to be rude to be productive. we have a lot of excellent fiction and poetry writers on the site who are not afraid to be truthful. however, we do not cater to only one level of writer, therefore some critique will be more productive than other critique.

gangfuck ladies auxillery group???

and hooch, thanks for not crapping on us too much.

i've always been a fan of buk.net and have plugged it as much as i possibly could. i still am a fan of the site and will continue to be.

anyway, we're still accepting submissions until July 31st. it's shaping up to be a good journal. you don't have to be a member of the forum to submit. we are just looking for good writing. we were recently listed on duotrope also.

and for anyone who is reading this who might have sent me a link. it's not necessary. obviously i've seen it.


i'm getting the feeling that vodka is only interested in what buk.net is doing in hopes that buk.net will be interested in what vodka is doing.
Someone on a Boston music board called Mrs. Slimedog a "boring cunt" because she called him stupid.

I had to get in the fray and call him an internet coward & now I think he thinks I'm "calling him out."

To call a lady a whore or a cunt, especially when you're not acquainted with them, is just rude and I don't get this "it's just the internet" jive.

So Father Luke, if that is whom you claim to be, stop calling ladies cunts and I'll stop posting inane retorts that have nothing to do with the thread.

Well, I can't promise.

Father Luke

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I claim to be Tom - From MySpace. . .



Miss Take
thanks hooch.

it's well known that Father Luke is no stranger to the word cunt.

he once called my mother a cunt.

if you ask me, Father Luke, you are the cunt.


stop the penistry
passionate/lively/aggressive debate is one thing, but can we keep the personal insults to PMs?

i totally disagree with everything vodka has had to say about the internet and myspace, i think her arguments are ridiculous, but i don't have a problem with her as person/buk.net member - and she hasn't been an asshole about it (and isn't that the number one rule here?), so can we stop with the name-calling and vicious personal attacks?

it just seems really mean-spirited and kinda bullying.

slimedog, you want me to send a dead fish to that guy who insulted your wife? because i will.
Oh, never said anything's wrong with them. Can you imagine what part of your body that stuff'd come out of if there were no assholes? Or worse, imagine the bellybutton being the asshole. Hmmm, actually, that'd be a helluva lot easier to wipe for someone with a bad back!

And as for assholes covering the Earth, it's becoming more prominent figuratively compared to literally.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
The funniest part of this is they are both on each others friends lists.

They aren't arguing they are perfecting each other. I can feel the magic. There must be love in the air.


Art should be its own hammer.
Reaper Crew
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The funniest part of this is they are both on each others friends lists.

They aren't arguing they are perfecting each other. I can feel the magic. There must be love in the air.

it's like watching The Thin Man, only better. William Powell and Myrna Loy ain't got nothin' on them.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
Reaper Crew
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Father Luke

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She said if we both lost she'd buy me a drink. She never said what kind. Neither did I.

No one lost. She isn't buying any drinks. Find your own Woman.

No one is wearing any panties. At least not now.

I'm writing poetry.



Miss Take
i cannot see this pants suit goodness that i want to see.

give the public what they are asking for.

we have a right to know.

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