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That too, but I was thinking of people who gets sexually aroused by Euro money, the more the better. It's mostly women, I hear, but men too. :p
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I feel even worse knowing I have not earned a thousand dollars in a while......and I'm not stoned.
Don't be negative Gerard,
you must remain positive all the time

I feel even worse great knowing I have not earned a thousand dollars in a whiling away the long summer afternoons......and I'm not stoned
Have any of you ever seen this movie? I've never heard of it, so I was surprised to stumble over the poster.

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Have any of you ever seen this movie?
As a very young child I used to love John Wayne (basically until I saw Clint in Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns). Anyway, I'd never seen that film before but apparently its English title was Big Jim McLain which, according to wiki
is a 1952 political thriller film starring John Wayne and James Arness as HUAC investigators hunting down communists in the post-war Hawaii organized labor scene. The film has developed something of a cult following due to a perceivedly now-campy red scare theme. In some European markets the film was retitled as Marijuana and dispensed with the communist angle, making the villains drug dealers instead. This was achieved entirely through script changes and dubbing.
Sounds awesome :D Great poster btw.
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Thanks, Bruno Dante! Big Jim McLain? So that's why I never heard of it before. They simply changed the plot as well as the title. First time I've heard of anybody doing that.
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Dear God man...thats fucking beautiful!!!!


I really like this one too......reminds me of autumns past!!
reminds me of my bathroom grow experiments for own consumption in my former apartment. the buds weren't that nice, but harvest time was so pleasant. :)
Concerning weed things got unpleasant here during recent years. Up to the early 90s weed was hard to get. There was almost only hash in circulation. Sometimes with very low thc content. Of course it was impure, but it contained no poisonous substances.
Then a few 'undercover' coffee shops opened in major cities.
Anybody remembering the 'Grasshüpfer' (grasshopper) in Hamburg? :)
Even the major of the city knew it, but it was somehow tolerated, as long as silence was maintained and no trouble arose.
They sold very nice weed from holland, sorts like 'purple haze' for example.
But after local media made it public, police was forced to take action and the shops closed down or changed their owners. Suddenly half kids did the selling and quality sunk down.
Today buying weed really is a matter of trust. The 'market' somehow got into other hands, guys from eastern europe or homegrowing kids, who don't know, what they are doing, i don't know. Since then grass can contain nice things like quartz sand, sugar, hairspray, bird grid or brix. In Leipzig/Germany about 90 people suffered lead sulfate poisoning after smoking weed. The substances are added to increase the weight and make more profit. I'm really glad that my heavy smoking times took place in the 90s and not today. It's good to know a decent, little homegrower you can trust.
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Wow Liquor Store! Thats really crazy. I never considered weed to be something that you would infuse with hairspray to add weight. Stuff like that is not even considered here. The only problem we have is how much money do we care to spend for whatever quality we might desire! I guess its not so bad here after all!
There was almost only hash in circulation. Sometimes with very low thc content. Of course it was impure, but it contained no poisonous substances.
Oh, yes, I'm quite sure the impure, low quality street hash you bought was free of anything poisonous. I mean, that shit comes from organic farms, right? And trustworthy hippies? No one would ever do anything weird to a sticky lump of budget hash. Of course not.

You know, huffing paint is great too. And that shit won't hurt you at all. The paint around your nose and mouth looks cool, and it's a pure and safe, because the paint comes from a sterile aerosol can.

Also, don't believe what they tell you about drinking antifreeze. If you filter it through a loaf of bread all the impurities will come out and you're left with pure liquid heaven. Scientists invented that shit, and they wouldn't have invented it if it wasn't safe. The government monitors those kinds of things.

Anyone else have any good, clean highs they want to share? Licking frogs? Shooting Drano? Stuff like that...
Warning: This thread may contain Poison. This thread may contain nuts.
Y'know, a friend of mine quit smoking weed just like me and followed the instructions of Green Rage/Vegan Earth Order leader Hellron Bubbard to inhale cow farts instead.

It's enviromental friendly, of course, but I'm worried about the antibiotics the cows get through their food. No way not inhaling that shit when he's supposed to get his good, natural high.

Actually he's not even a friend of mine, I just happen to meet him now and then.
He's gotten quite a guttural voice and smells kind of funny...

Erm, o.k., nevermind.
Yes, I'm thinking about killing myself in order to escape environmental pollutants. The fact that I am dead is a defensible price for being protected.

Calm down and have a smoke, mjp. It's better for your health :)
Good one. Yes methane gas is good for you and your breath. Only the super hip types know this and the hip types love that funny smell. This explains why hipsters hang out in pastures and dairies on Saturday night.
Have you ever heard of the Black Angus restaurant? Saturday Night Sphincter
Well I've been a few times before and I've done Anne Frank's House, the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum before. I know it's in the middle of restoration but I might go to the Rijskmuseum again just to check out the old Dutch Masters stuff - Rembrandt in particular, as that bit is open to the public still and it's pretty close to where I'm staying anyway. Other than that I'll just be chilling out, walking around (it's a nice place just for strolling around anyway as it's so pretty and so compact), hopefully having a nice meal or two and I will of course be having the odd doobie. I'm going with my girl plus my sis and her man but the Red Light District isn't my cup of tea in any case. It's ok by day but it's too full of stag dos etc. for my liking. I'm only there for a couple of night but it's only about a 50 minute flight from my home town (Newcastle).

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