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Father Luke

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Anyone else play poker?
We play 4-5 times a year even made up our own game Kreskin poker.
You build your hand by guessing the next card and or suit dealt if you guess both right you get another card plus a card from any persons hand but those watching can call Kreskin (like snap) and they get immunity from having a card stolen.
It gets pretty heated with bets each round.
What was the play or hand of the day for you.
Then go ahead and get the play collectibles.
Good Job just the same.
They're trying to suck you into the real money side, aren't they?
well done padre.

er, I play occasionally. cash games in person where I a fellow...

but only as a hobby.


ask jb.
Dig this. . .

So, I'm on the phone with a lawyer . . . I'm being sued
an ex is emailing me alternately with threats and begging - what horse shit. . .
I have a poker tourney going . . . did I bet or fold?
I'm working on three hours sleep

And I won. . .


Now I can go to work where they all think I'm retarded.
nice. Do you play in real tournaments? I mean with pots that you can take? It would be cool if I had the talent and luck to plan and win enough to make a career out of it. As it turns out I am a shitty gambler.

nice. Do you play in real tournaments?

That's teh goal, Bill.

Dr Zen, teh guy we dedicated my book to,
is teaching me.

Our expressed goal is for me to be able to quit
my job by teh end of teh year, and earn my living
playing cards.

I mean with pots that you can take? It would be cool if I had the talent and luck to plan and win enough to make a career out of it. As it turns out I am a shitty gambler.

Those who are sure of teh outcome can afford to
wait, and to wait patiently.

You beat 8 people in 41 minutes?

They must have sucked at poker.

I'm just really that good.
Would you care to play a game?

Wait for a good hand. They always come. . .

Excellent. I call.

Here was the last hand played out. . . Click

No game is ever one hand only.
Check out one of the ways I got to the last hand: Click
Phew, that was fortunate (the earlier, but second linked, hand). I'd be wary of pocket 9s or Js with the betting on the turn. Nice hand Father :D
I'd muck pocket nines in a heart beat.
Pure garbage.

But I play very tight, and then occasionally
I'll loosen up when I have them scared,
because I can steal the blinds. :cool:
Okay. As you can tell, in the bottom left corner,
where there is writing, my winning hand was two pair:
Aces and Threes


What that little bit of writing doesn't tell you is that
at one time I was down to 660 chips with eight
other people playing.


- -
Father Luke
When/how do we play?

What about a Buknet Poker tourney?

Okay. An experiment.

I'm going to start a game of Texas Hold 'em with a real physical deck of cards. I'll deal, and PM the players what their hole cards are. Then the board cards will be published in a game thread and we'll go from there. Who wants to play a hand?
Well that's 2 seats taken. Not sure if we'll get anymore. Was hoping for 6 to 10 players.

Hmmm. Maybe you guys can just play heads up.

I'll shuffle up and deal tomorrow, so anyone else want a seat?

Texas Hold'em
Let's all start out with 1500 chips.
Each hand has a big blind, small blind dealer, etc.
Last one in is the Big Blind First
Second to last one in is the Small Blind
And it goes on like that.

I was first to register, so I am Big Blind last.
Tournament starts when we have nine players.
Last one with chips is the winner that round.


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