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Lagavulin, Laphroaig, and Caol Ila (and, of course, several others) are all Islay malts. Islay is in the southern Hebrides, so I suppose that qualifies as lowland, although scotch from there is nothing like lowlands from the mainland. I don't care too much for highland scotch. Too subtle. When I drink scotch, I want to know that I'm drinking.

I love that smoky, peaty flavor found in the Islay malts. Talisker is from the Isle of Skye, and is very similar. One noteable exception is The Balvenie, which is a highland from Speyside. The honey is amazing. Very different from most of the highlands I've 'ad.

And yes, the only time I've had JW Blue is when someone offered it to me for nuttin'. Meh, but it is free, so enjoy!
The good wife and I have taken a hiatus from scotch for, well, for a good long time. It's impossible for us to drop that much $$$ every night for Lagavulin and Laphroaig or Talisker and wake up with an inch or two left in each bottle. Not to mention the mental fatigue. But it was a good deal of fun while it lasted. I don't think I'll ever be able to extract that pair of her panties from the ceiling fan... ;)

Now I drink Miller Genuine Draft and a cheap bottle of white wine, or perhaps Absolut and orange mango martinis, and she goes for Baccardi light. Christ, even drinking second-shelf ain't cheap.

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The truth about Blue Label JW

I've heard the expression 'smoke and mirrors' and Johnnie Walker Blue Label has the smoke. It was just blah. Some people love that smokey flavor but you might as well drink Cluny right up next to the campfire, and get the same thing for a fraction of the cost.
The host of yesterday's party enjoyed the 12 year old Macallan much more than the JW Blue. If he would've shelled out the $169. for the JW Blue he might have talked himself into liking it more. As it was the other party guests said it was all my fault for getting him drunk. Hey I didn't pour the booze down his throat. I very good time was had by all, my sons have yet to turn up.

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No I don't I wait until after lunch.

Bukowski would have loved the 99 cent store. Last year we were drinking some good French red wine and this year some DeLoach from Sonoma county Russian River Valley. I picked up a bottle of Spanish Red Wine Tierra Salvaje which may very well translate to mean dirt shit.

It is tastey and I am feeling no pain in less than 2 glasses.

Please drink plenty of water.

Maybe I will be blind tomorrow.


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i am interested in the scotch and milk combo. never heard of it before and i've done some fair amt of drinking. sounds good! right now it's a 1/5 evan williams and a six of shinerbock beer, from tx. for under twenty bucks. that will get me through the night no problem. and i love carlo rossi burgundy in those big jugs - you know how you can hook your finger through the loop and rest in on your forearm and guzzle away with the purple running down your throat? hell yeah, that's what white t-shirts were made for....
I was straight edge until I was about 22, then I decided that I was through with it. I started drinking what my dad used to drink--whiskey. I love the smell of that stuff. Lately I have gotten into gin--my favorite being Hendrick's gin...just the way it's meant to be drunk with cucumber and tonic. I never developed a taste for beer but I do like the dark stuff sometimes.
I am pretty new to drinking though and have decided to stay away from the stuff until I have a reason to celebrate--life has a way of kicking you in the balls and the last thing I wanna be is a weeping drunk. So...until September I am pretty dry.
Gin - the sputum of Beelzebub. My ex-wife used to drink gin on occasion, and EVERY SINGLE TIME she'd end up like this:


and this:


My current wife drank gin once, and I had to ask her: "Do you want me to go bury myself under 60 miles of concrete for the rest of eternity? Please, do anything else you want, but don't drink gin."


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Oh man, a good gin and tonic on a hot summer day.... ( and that big cigar that dude is smokin' in that other thread:cool:) Life can occasionally be good.
I actually did not drink until I was 21. For some reason I just never felt like it. Then i decided to give it a shot. I really like it because it is the only time I really let my self run wild. I will pretty much drink anything but I prefer gin and tonic.
i drink daily. the only times i don't drink early is if i'm going to work (and sometimes i will drink at work--THANK YOU NEARBYE KOREAN LIQUOR STORE), or if i'm going to the gym. if that be the case, i wait until i'm done trying to run in place or lift weights before i innebriate just seems safer that way.

i'm not a drunk, but only because i have a weak stomach. but i do love to drink. whiskey is my hard alchohol of choice. Bourbon, mostly. but also Irish whiskeys. I love Jim Beam and Bulleit Bourbon. Jameson and Tullamore Dew are good to sip on, but the darker whiskeys usually get poured with Coca-Cola. I dislike Jack Daniel's for two reasons 1) it taste like ass. 2) as Buzzcat pointed out, J.D. has lowered their alcohol content without making it public, but continues to raise the price. it also has the balls to proclaim they still use mr. Daniel's original recipie (ooh boy, that is spelled wrong) and distilling methods. LIES!!! CORPORATE LIES!!!

i love beer. all kinds of beer. cheap beer and fine beers. foreign and domestic. i'm drinking PBR right now and also tend to drink Budwiper. i'll only drink Coors Light at my Brother-in-law's house because i want to be a gracious guest. i also like to buy micro-brews and fancy-schmancy European selections. one of my favorites is a New York based Belgium-style ale called OMMEGANG. good stuff, man.

i like Gin rather than Vodka. (a Non-Gin martini is A NON-MARTINI!) i like gin and tonics with lime, especially.

i don't drink rum, usually. its mean to me. i do like the Sailor Jerry brand...tastes kinda fruity and goes down smoothe. it mixes well with Coca-Cola (never pepsi, godammit) and you can shoot it or enjoy it on the rocks...christ, i sound like a fucking commerical.
they also have cool t-shirts at their website. anyways...

red wines? not a huge fan. unless of course we're talking South Australian Shirazs. I LOVE that shit. cheap or pricy, Shiraz is definately my wine of choice. all other wines are so bland and dull by comparison. it can make for a mean hangover, but has more flavor than most wines i've tried. i don't know shit about "bodies" or "bouquets" or "grapes", but i do know what i like, and it starts with an SH and ends with an IRAZ.

oh man...i think i need to take a nap.
Hey marqcoig, firstly, welcome. Secondly, if you like red wines like Shiraz, the ones with some spice and kick, go out of your way TODAY and find a bottle of Pinotage.
Sometimes you can only find a Shiraz/Pinotage blend or Cab Sauv/Pinotage blend. They'll suffice. So long as there's Pinotage in it. Talk about a tastebud wallop. Great shit.

The pinotage is a south African grape.


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A while ago I had my first tequila-lemon-salt since 30 years.
Only the downtown camera's and the neighbors know how I made it home.

Bad stuff, bad taste.
I bought a bottle of seagrams crown royal the night that my son was born (1981) and stashed it away. we opened it on the night of his 21st birthday and toasted his coming of legal age.
your son's my age. i didn't start drinking till i was 25/26. vodka & sprite, rum & coke, long island iced tea, mojitos, black russian, white russian, mai tai, sambuca shots, no beer [except shandy]. i picked up that bottle and have never put it down. the only thing that keeps me in check is my liver and anxiety attacks. those things come at me like mad bulls. otherwise, i'm hot for alco-hol. best drug ever. caution: never mix that special 'truffle-chocolate' we have here in Cambodia with alcohol. if you do, never shut your eyes. that concoction spins the shit out of your damn head!

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