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Last summer we moved into this apartment complex. It was manna...the occupants on either side of us were friendlies, always sharing, always got a connection. It was great, weekend balcony fiestas with fine cerveza's or the wife's killer homemade lemonade (laced heavily with vodka, of course) and the finest of smokes.

Then both neighbors moved away, and now, woe-is-fucking-me. Nothing, phones are no longer in service, dry as a bone.



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Very nice collection, Jeremy! For a moment I thought I was looking at a bong shop. :D
I once tried vaporizers in Amsterdam. They were real cool. Since there was no smoke involved, you did'nt have that "smoke feeling" in your lungs afterward. That was nice!
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Crazy glassware collection Senor Edge, I'd like to try the vaporizer method, as the ol' lungs can't take much anymore. No more bong action for this cowboy.
Or try out a ice bong, for as the smoke is cooled down it doesn't hurt your lungs so bad. The inhalation feels really smooth and it's fun to have a ice cold smoke. Or a good shisha from Tunesia, I have one. No bad coughing, no pain in the chest.
An iced bong might help, but a vaporizer is your best bet, i think.

Too bad it's illegal, or I would be able to smoke it right now without fear of a drug test for my up and coming(haven't even found one yet) job. Then again, aside from the "creativity" that comes from it, all pot does is slow your body down. metabolism, energy...all this talk about having loads of energy while stoned, i think, is bullshit. I get winded, my heart beats...

but, im no critic. weed's allright. i feel bad for all the people that are simply smoking because they're bored though. i used to do the same and it really takes its toll on your memory/body/health. much better than abusing alcohol, though. i should know. i've abused both.

compared to other drugs? trumps by a wide mile.
But they're expensive.. and getting a cheap one ends up being a pain in the ass. the difference is quite obvious though, both in taste and high.

Who wants some of this?


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Well, now you say so, I do see the resemblance but it wasn't obvious - to me, that is.

Maybe we could call a poorly rolled joint for an Olympic joint in the future...:p
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Gerard K H Love

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Okay, so you guys like smoking some paper.

Here's a question: A good friend of mine just took years worth of stems, seeds and shake and ground it in the coffee grinder. It will get you stoned but it's just not the same. You know what I mean, no cartoons no body rush, all of the good stuff is not present. What do you know about that?

BTW he has a history of getting the above average type.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
That's the first time I've ever heard of anybody doing that!
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I believe that there is a different chemical in that part of the plant.more of a depressant than a euforia type effect. and maybe just a minute amount of THC. the main chemical componant of marijauna. I think that I used to know all of this stuff back when I was really into drugs. but now after all of these years... huh?... why do you think that they call it dope? and seeds and stems taste like shit

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I got some very good info from a very powerful anonymous source, to put the ground up stems ans seeds into baked goods it works better that way.

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The invasion of privacy kind. Here in the notably free country, employers can test you for drugs before they hire you. It's funny that the U.S. Dept of Commerce does not check, yet auto dealerships mostly do test you for drugs. I can see the point because you wouldn't want to hire someone addicted to amphetamines or opiates.


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And if they find alcohol in your blood because
you had a party the night before they test you?
Or just smoked a joined in your yard or drank
2 bottles of wine with your lover.

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When I was a sales manager we never had any concern with alcohol in fact at least one place wouldn't worry about pot. Hard drugs except alcohol was the worry.

I may have written this here before:
A guy, who was a crook, was applying for a salesman job and knew he was positive for pot and knowing him maybe speed. So he had a friend pee into a ziplock baggie so he could hide it on himself to take to the clinic. While driving the ziplock opened and spilled the pee all over him. He had to drive 35 miles home with someone piss all over himself. It could not have happened to a bigger jerk. He was a thief.

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