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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
This thread has been dead for a while. How about a new question? I am assuming that Gerard passed on the trivia question.
In a 1967 letter, Bukowski told a story about a book that was to be published, of his ink drawings.
He had worked on it for 3 weeks straight.
What is the name of the editor who had talked him into the project?
And what was the title suggested by Bukowski?
Boy, this one sent me on a wild goose chase but I think I got it: Allen de Loach is the editor and title "Atomic Scribblings from a Maniac Age"? No, change that to "Atomic Scribblings Upon a Farting World"! NO! WAYNE X. is the EDITOR! NO! WAYNE PHILPOT!
Missed this thread to be sure (despite my comparative lack of knowledge 'round these parts). And now I've just learned of another Buk book to put on my want list.
David is right, the latest is the right answer. Wayne X, not Lil Wayne, was the editor and the title was going to be, something like ATOMIC SCRIBBLINGS UPON A FARTING WORLD.

But the story goes as such: Bukowski said, in a letter to Allen de Loach, that he'd sent the batch of drawings to Arkansas along with poems. There were ads and sold for $3.50. Wayne X got the money, but he had burned the drawings.

I read the letter in ALL'S NORMAL HERE, a Charles Bukowski primer, edited by Loss Pequeno Glazier, Ruddy Duck Press 1985.
unless David knows something more about this,

yes, an essay about the visit of President Hoover's speech, visiting LA. Something he 'd entirely imagined.

He also filled a notebook about Baron Von Himmlen, a german aviator.

" There better be some god-damned whiskey in this place or I'm going to tear it apart".

d gray is up!
my memory isn't a bad as i thought.

what was bukowski's father's smile "like a blaze of"?
Who from Bukowski's childhood was described in a poem like this:

he had this little fixed smile on his face....
he was somebody to despise with his
sunken little face and thinning
hair and weak chin and sharp nose....

I just watched Bukowski's on DVD in Canada-There's Gonna be a Riot. I think that had the answer to d gray's question. Luck and dog shit that's been my life for the last few years. Sorry I let the other thread die.

No this one.
Please forgive my tardiness I watched a movie and forgot to check back. Of course you are correct Black Swan so now you can ask a tougher question.

I was not going to be responsible for this thread going stagnant again.
mickey mouse i understand, but how dare he 'diss' fred astaire?!?

i'm gonna have to rethink this bukowski guy...
I guess because an actor influenced by Mickey Mouse could hardly speak to the man of good taste that Bukowski was. No?

Of course you are correct Black Swan so now you can ask a tougher question.
Oh no! An easy one please, so that the dumb asses also have their chance.
Here is a dumb ass question.
In a poem, Bukowski mentions the word beer fourteen times. What is the title? And the very last line of the poem.

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Saving damsels in distress makes me thirsty for beer.


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Drinking the fruit of the grapevine, to death, in a room where the window is covered by an oiled tablecloth to block the sunshine from coming in. ;)

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