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Yep, that's the one.
He wrote it in The Captain is Out to Lunch..., while thinking of a title for his next book (The Last Night of the Earth Poems): "Of all my dozens of titles the one I liked best was Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts. But I blew that one away on a little mimeo pamphlet. Too bad." (page 28/29)
You're next James.
ok, bukowski's grandmother was said to often have terrible gas. what did buk's father think the cause of it was? bonus: what did she usually say after breaking wind at the dinner table?
Buk rarely wrote about his horse-betting strategies, but he did at one time write a fairly lengthy, if rather vague, description of one of his numerical ranking systems for selecting a winning horse. What was his criterion for choosing the winner?
"I always look for the non-public horse who could beat the favorite. If I found nobody could beat the favorite, I bet the favorite."
(Post Office)

But this is only one of several strategies I've read from him.
And of course, his general advice was to bet different than the masses do.
All true, roni, but I'm looking for a specific numerical system he writes about. He doesn't actually discuss the numbers, but at the end of it, he says: "and the horse with the__________is the winner."
The Formula K, in Horsemeat,
M plus S plus C plus O
(brought down to the relative power of 1/4 each):
the horse with the lowest total is the winner.
Please don't ask me to apply the formula :)
In a 1990 interview for a literary magazine, Bukowski was speaking of the beat of music, to which he would type to. He mentioned classical music and disco. When asked what was his favorite disco, he replied that he didn't have any favorite group, but that he liked " The Deputy of Love".
What was that magazine? and who was interviewing Bukowski?

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