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Almost finished "Drinking with Bukowski". And then I have to finish "The Night Torn Mad With Footsteps". I'm always reading several books at a time...:)
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Barry Miles bio

OK , I just finished the barry miles bio, and my personal opion is that it stunk, like someone else on this forum said, (sorry I don't remember who) a lot of the info was taken from buks poems, like the author just read them then used the lines for qoutes or truth, hardly anything new that hasn't been used in previous bios. my advice? (not that anyone has ask) don't waste your time or money.....


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today I read Kafka's novella "the metomorphosis"

and got halfway through Pulp for the i can't rememberith time.

yesterday I finished Bone Palace Ballet.

tomorrow: I plan on delving into Notes From The Underground...
and buk's fbi files.


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I can understand being very upset when someone throws the eyebrow tweezers out the window, but my goodness!


"Arkansas" by John Brandon. A crime novel with a split narrative that features the main story of drug runners and their exploits plus a sub-story detailing their boss's rise to power. The chapters alternate between each story thread and I'm hoping it pays off spectacularly at the end. If not, I'm throwing both my tweezers AND my baby Hitler doll out the fucking window.


Well, Arkansas wrapped up nicely. The Big Reveal towards the end caught me by surprise, but was also very believable plot-wise and logic-wise. Solid crime/noir fiction of the American south. Fun but not really nourishing, either.

Currently reading The Art Of Fielding by Chad Harbach. Despite my love of baseball and respect for Buddhism, this shit is getting old at 400 or so pages in. Harbach's narrative voice is getting more clumsy as the novel goes on and he tends to over-explain scenes and details. But only 70+ pages left...

Looking forward to Train Dreams by Denis Johnson next.
I love a bit of Denis Johnson. Anyway - Double Indemnity by James M. Cain. I can't believe I only just got into this writer. I recently read The Postman Always Rings Twice as well. Great stuff.

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Right now am getting through MINI: The true and secret history of the Making of a Motor Car by Simon Garfield. Before that Searching for Bobby Orr by Stephen Brunt. And before that Dylan Thomas in America by John Malcolm Brinnin. And before that The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Obviously more time to read these days having given up on most other things.
Searching for Bobby Orr by Stephen Brunt. And before that Dylan Thomas in America by John Malcolm Brinnin.

I'll have to check out the Orr book - being that Orr's blood is everywhere here in Boston.

Great read about Thomas too. I scored a nice first of that at a used book store for under $10. That's probably all it's worth, but you don't see that title too often at used book stores. Well, you don't see used book stores much these days either.

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The Orr book is "unauthorized" as Bobby is very private (always a great impetus for writing a book). He doesn't even want his friends to help. If they do they're "unfriended". But it's still a pretty good read. The messiness of hockey back in the 1960s, bad knees, Alan Eagleson (bad actors). And I found it in a $2 bin. New.​
Used book stores are getting thinned out. Where I got the Dylan Thomas book used to have three stores in a six block area. Now only one remains. It actually had two copies. I went for the cheaper, $4 instead of $5.​


This piece in The Atlantic on The Art Of Fielding pretty much nails it. And I need to read some James M. Cain soon. I have the feeling I'll be slapping my forehead too and asking "Why did I wait so long to read this writer ?"
Eating some crow but I've been reading some Mellick lately and enjoying it. Thanks, Justin Grimbol. Satan Burger and The Cannibals of Candyland are some very interesting reads. This Bizarro genre might be worth a look. I owe you so I'll be looking up your latest book, The Crud Masters, as way of thanks for tuning me in to this misfit/driving 100+ with no safety-belt DUI fiction.

This is not, what I AM reading, but what I consider to read, but wanted to gather some oppinions before:

Has anybody ever read Malcolm Lowry?
Musta been one hell of a drinker. I've read somewhere, that it took him 10 years to write 'Under The Volcano' and the whole book was only about his drinking. Don't know if that's true though. But it sounds like an interesting guy.

Is he worth reading?


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It's one of my favourite books but it is very wordy. Some might say overwritten. The movie directed by John Huston and starring Albert Finney is good.
I am SO GLAD that I'm not the only one OBSESSED with Mr. Phillips! I used to send him email every day but he NEVER ANSWERS so I stopped FOR NOW. GROWING BEARD you should contact me and we can trade pictures of MJP. I have many that I have found by SCOURING all the corners of cyberspace. Maybe you have some that I don't.

I am also interested in other things. CONTACT ME and I will tell you more. Can't talk FREELY here.
Just started to re-read "The Monkey Wrench Gang." I first read it probably 25 years ago and really enjoyed it. Hoping I like it as much this time, now that I've entered my second childhood.

This is weird I was just trying to remember the name of the book that Neil Peart, the drummer from RUSH, recommened and here you are saying it. That was weird. So I second the motion that this is a good book. If you want to read an emotionally charged book that is heart breaking, read the Neil Peart book, "Ghost Rider." Neil deals with a soul crushing family crises by getting on his motorcycle and he keeps moving to keep from losing his mind.

I had other books to recommend but not many books that I know about personally are more powerful then this one.

I also just got done reading "Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life" which was recommended by skiroolamum. I hope I spelled that right.
I just got done reading Buk's "Absence of the Hero." I thought it was OK. It didn't have that hypnotic effect that his poetry books have on me. He was more or less writing like a regular writer in this book. There were some 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man and I had already read that stuff before. I'm I glad I got the book and read it? Sure. Sure. Did I think it was an awesome book? Not really. However if you're a Buk fan you gotta read all his stuff so you can be in the know. There were a few good stories in there and I'm glad I know about them now.
Finished, You get so Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense, on Kindle, on toilet. The only place I have the patience to read. Great stuff and I learnt about Li Po, but I still prefer Bukowski. Just started on the Bone Palace Ballet. Unfortunately I've been suffering from constipation for weeks and the beer isn't even helping, so not reading as much as I'd like.
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