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Jeffrey Tambor is great in Transparent, but after about 6 episodes, I couldn't take his kids anymore.
I can't take anyone on that show anymore. Still watch all the episodes, but grudgingly lately.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a few really good recent shows:

One Mississippi (Amazon)
Atlanta (FX I think)
High Maintenance (HBO)


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Didn't know that came from a web series. I guess a lot of things do now.

I should add:

Baskets (FX again, I think)
Lady Dynamite (Netflix)

I've been pleasantly surprised by the Netflix Original Easy. Terrific, realistic dialogue in each stand-alone episode looking at different couplings (or more) and sex. It's smart, and the performances are pretty solid all around.


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Second that on Easy.

Atlanta looks really good. Not sure if I get it up here.

I went through Lady Dynamite in a day or two. Second that one as well.

Edit: Well, apparently I get FX, so I could have been watching Atlanta all along. Now I'm 8 episodes behind. Television! I thought you were my friend...

Edit edit: just watched the first three episodes of High Maintenance. Good stuff. And the third episode has a Suicide song at the end, so...

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Jeffrey Tambor is great in Transparent, but after about 6 episodes, I couldn't take his kids anymore. Especially the son who was banging his babysitter. But Tambor is so good, he almost makes up for it.

The son never fucks his own sister. When I read that, I almost thought I missed something, but I've been carefully watching the show since it started. Maybe you confused this with when he was sleeping with his little sister's best friend/lover played by Carrie Brownstein?

Anyway, I don't think any of the characters are supposed to be likable since they are based on real people - which is what I sort of like about the show. They are all very flawed human beings and at times you have to really stretch to find the good in them, but when you do, or when I do, there comes an awful lot of empathy as I get to understand more about them.

The kids were brought up rich and spoiled, and kept in the dark about pretty much everything. Lots of lies, yet with seemingly "open" hippie-like parents who were both very repressed's all very interesting to me.

I also like One Mississippi, Rectify, The Fall (whenever it comes back!), and a newer show with Pamela Adlon: Better Things is really good too.

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Ohhhhh, babySITTER, not baby sister. I read that totally wrong!

Oh well. From the wise old words of Gilda Radner, "Never mind."
By far the most original TV series I've seen in recent years is Black Mirror, which I noticed is now on Netflix in US/Canada - I think?

There's 3 series. The first one starts with an unknown hacker group demanding that the British Prime Minister fucks a pig live on television (which it turns out was quite prescient!) It is not a comedy but a black hole of satire on modernity that gets under your skin.


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I think we saw the first two episodes of Black Mirror and didn't care for it. Maybe it needs another try, but what do I know? I can't even read.


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Black Mirror. A friend just told me to check it out. In theory I will but in reality I have a tough time sitting down to watch/follow a series. So far I've only watched The Wire, Stranger Things, The Sopranos and Peaky Blinders and Broadchurch. Everything else has been a few episodes here and there.... I don't know why. I will have to waste an hour at my next session and really get into it with my analyst.
Black Mirror isn't really a series in the true sense as each episode is unique, but the work as a whole follows along a similar theme. The new series seems a bit more geared towards a North American audience, but it still has that dark underbelly.

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Black Mirror. A friend just told me to check it out. In theory I will but in reality I have a tough time sitting down to watch/follow a series.

it's not that. (as the pig said)

it's an anthology - sort of a futuristic "twilight zone".

i've seen a few and they were pretty good.

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Most shows that have tried to be like the Twilight Zone are never nearly as good. TZ was a perfect show.

Anybody watch You're the Worst?
Horace and Pete.
Horace and Pete.
Horace and Pete. For me, it's that good. It's played on a T.V. set, but you can't really call them
television shows anymore. This is Louis C.K.'s web series which is now on Hulu.

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The reality TV series, Can't pay? We'll take it away! is the thing I've watched recently. It was a "Christmas Special."


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My wife and I have to sit down for the finale of Westworld. I'll probably stick around for season 2, even with how predictable the first season has been. I've enjoyed my time with the show. And Thandie Newton is awesome.

That's kinda all I've been watching with any consistency, except @midnight which gives me a temporary spark of joy in my coal-colored heart. Too many books, too many children, and not enough time for other things.


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I watch it despite the logical mistakes. That does keep it from being a truly awesome show.
since it's only 8 episodes, it took me just 3 evenings to get through. Now I'll have to wait till season 2.

Have started yesterday with 'Dollhouse' (the pilot and the first 3 episodes). It's not as bad as one might expect.

Last year I had a tough time with 'The Mentalist', since the idea behind it was so promising, but what they made out of it was nothing more than mediocre. Still I worked myself through the whole thing.


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Although I haven't been watching it religiously I still love Doctor Who and have been following it since PBS was showing re-runs on Saturday nites back in like 83-84. It's my jawn and Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor, is my guy. Happy Birthday Tom Baker.

[This video is unavailable.]

and this is my fav version of the theme. I'm what one might call "a Whovian" or a Doctor Who nerd. I try to reel it in a bit around non-Whovians.



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I finally started watching the most recent series for Doctor Who, but I'm not terribly excited about it. The library I work at had the DVD, so I checked it out, but... I'm tired of Moffatt running things. I'm interested to see where it goes once out of his hands, but I'm not holding my breath at this point.
I once tried some of the very first 'Doctor Who'-episodes and didn't like it too much. I then went on and tried one or two episodes from the 70s, which didn't catch me either.

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I started watching OA, not sure if I'll go on, maybe one more bite.
And I never get tired of Anthony Bourdain.
season 2 of Stranger Things. currently 4 episodes in
6 episodes in.
I'm fond of the dark, uncomfortable music/ soundscore things they play at the end-credits of some episodes.
On youtube I only can find all the many regular 80s-songs from the series. Nothing against that.
But I am looking for those dark soundbits, that come like a mixture of Badalamenti/Lynch and the latest Cave.