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Thanks. Alas, I don't have a spotify-account.

Also, from what I've seen on youtube, I doubt that these dark gems are on the soundtracks. There are whole collections there, claiming to be 'Stranger-Things'-Soundtracks (or related stuff, which is fine). But as I said, though I dig some of this music (like The Clash):

What I'm after are those athmospheric, soundscore-like, brute forces they play at some of the later end-credits. (that is: Not 'Ghostbusters' from the end of ep2, even though I liked that nod.)


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The soundtracks on spotify are composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, not the songs from the era. It's the stuff you are looking for. I don't pay for spotify, I listen to it free. I have to put up with ads and can't skip songs, etc.


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6 episodes in.
I'm fond of the dark, uncomfortable music/ soundscore things they play at the end-credits of some episodes.
On youtube I only can find all the many regular 80s-songs from the series. Nothing against that.
But I am looking for those dark soundbits, that come like a mixture of Badalamenti/Lynch and the latest Cave.
Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack. v good.

Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack. v good.
thanks Philly, my man too.
Unfortunately I get this:

Ah, well ...

By the way, having seen all episodes, I must admit, I didn't like the second season as much.
The reason:
. Season 1 = E.T. + The X-Files (which I found charming)
. Season 2 = Alien 2 + your next best horror movie (which didn't catch me much)
Twin Peaks - The Return (S03)
only 3 ep left.

It's a bit annoying, how very hard Lynch forces to appear "strange", but there are also moments, that blow your mind like a true piece of art.


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It's a bit annoying
Or more than a bit annoying.

I really liked Twin Peaks in '90/'91, but re-watching it before "the return" I can't say that it's aged well. Television has changed so radically, that what seemed unique and quirky and interesting on Twin Peaks in 1990 almost seems like a clumsy parody now. The return was mostly useless and a waste of time that just left me feeling Lynchboned when it was all said and done. Episode 8 ("Gotta light?") being the exception.


Speaking of feeling boned, I seem to recall that just about everyone had that feeling when the series ended in 1991 (a friend called just after the series finale, I picked up the phone and said hello and the first thing she said was, "Fuck you, David Lynch!"). So maybe the thought was that the return would fix some of that - that was my thought anyway - but of course the return really had nothing to do with the original series, so all it did was make the overall story more convoluted and pointless.
just left me feeling Lynchboned when it was all said and done. Episode 8 ("Gotta light?") being the exception
to me, ep8 was especially annoying.
It SCREAMED: "Look, how original and out of context and artsy I can be!"

Another thing I despise are the uncounted references to 'Lost Highway', 'Mulholland Drive', 'Eraserhead', 'Blue Velvet', all of which I did Not like.
[p.s.: the pic you posted, mjp, seemed to me like one reference to the aestetics of 'Erasurehead'.]

Yes, the original series from 1990 is way outdated now. Of course it is.
So is "The X-files" or "The Prisoner". So is Shakespeare and Botticelli.
Everything has its value only in relation to its own times. (and only if you recognize this, it can still be timeless.)

I didn't even like the pilot of 'Twin Peaks' back then, when I first saw it. I found it stupid. Only a little later I found my way to appreciate it.

And I still like the movie ('Fire Walk With Me') the Best of the whole frenchise, even though I hated it, when I first saw it in the theatre.


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Just watched the first episode of The Deuce. Hey, it's David Simon & George Pelecanos & on & on & on.... so far so good


Black Swan

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I have been watching Cardinal season 1 (6 episodes) and now season 2
It is a series set in Northern Ontario, a thriller, very well made, good actors and music. I am recording every episode. It is on CTV.
Maybe you can watch the first season on youtube.



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I just finished the first season of Sense8, the Wachowski's series for Netflix. I started watching it because someone I know hated it so much that he talked about hating it for weeks. I'm not normally big on "sci-fi," but anything that can inspire that kind of hatred has to have something going for it.

I know it was canceled after two seasons (and I think they made a two hour "wrap-up" episode after fans revolted at news of the cancellation), so I figured if it was really awful I'd just sample it and drop it. But I like it. There are a million stupid things about it, but there are a lot of great things about it too.

The casting looks a little United Colors of Benetton, I know, but the stories that take place outside the U.S. are the best parts. The Nairobi story in particular. They also filmed in Korea, Iceland and India, and the locations really play into the stories. There is a scene, or a series of scenes, that take place in Iceland that will kill you dead if you have even the tiniest sliver of heart.

Maybe I'll watch season 2 and change my mind about the whole thing, but thumbs up for season 1.