What are you drinking?

Well, I've just gotten back from a weekend in Belgium and I made it my personal mission to try as many beers as possible (within reason). Personal faves were Westmalle Dubbel, Orval (both proper Trappist stuff) and Brugge Blond. I had a night in Brussels and two in Bruges. I preferred the latter which is in the Flemish part of Belgium. You feel (perhaps unsurprisingly) like you're in Holland. Those Trappist Monks know a thing or two.

Gerard K H Love

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Nearly 3 weeks and no one is talking about what you are drinking. Shame on you.

My neighbor was in the jacuzzi of an abandon house since noon. He was drinking some kind of pink wine coolers, that's all he had. I bought over some Miller Lite and Black Velvet and now my back doesn't hurt either.
Good man for bumping the drinking thread. We must take over the dinner thread, it is imperative.

What's Black Velvet?

Fosters Big Can followed by a Jagermeister and a Tecate.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
This stuff which is aged for three years. (yeah, like that's a long time.)
It mixes well with coke or chase shots with beer.
it does the trick and it's cheap.


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$3 dollar a bottle sangiovese. drinkable and cheap. did I mention cheap?
Had a greyhound last night. Just the right amount of vodka.

As I was falling asleep last night(3:30am) I had some movie on the tube, based on a Dean Koontz novel. The only thing I can remember is that the cruel- soon to be killer- Stepdad was teaching a young girl the mix for a greyhound. I had never known that was the name for grapefruit juice and vodka. Wierd that you mention it now. I wish I had one. I am drinking the last beer-Coors Light:(- courtesy of The Pittsburgh Penguins.
I also enjoy me some Black Velvet. Drinkable and cheap. Great combo! CRB:)


Budget concerns led me to this cheap-ass rum, but I swear I now prefer it to Bacardi and the other "good" rums. They are all way too sweet and forget those gimmicky flavored ones.....Black cherry ? Lemon-lime ? I DIDN'T ORDER A SNO-CONE, MOTHERFUCKER !

How does 8 dollars per 750ml bottle sound ? Well, it sounds like a party to me.

Greyhounds are great and madras are too even if just the name would qualify as geigh-the non homosexual reference of it. Orange and cranberry mixed with vodka- a wonderful summer treat!

3 Tecates, 2 Heinekens and 2 Jagermeisters spread over today/
Getting ready to drink and commenting on your poem

After I do my requisite few hours of poetry-related stuff, I'm planning on some brandy or cognac and maybe even a Longhammer IPA. I may hold off on that because we're dining out with friends tonight and I don't want to be Long-hammered whene we go.

By the way, Gerard KH Love, your poem in A Common Thread ROCKS! I love the way the title loops back and totally reinforces the last line. Wallace Stevens used that trick in his poem "A rabbit as king of the ghosts" and I think it's a great technique. And a great poem.
this weekend I had:
Middleton Rare
Shared a few bottles of Jesus' blood (never failed me yet)

oh yes, and a Jaegermeister

Zum Wohl!
That was afternoon and evening, I guess, played two gigs, 2-5:30 and then 7-11pm and the pints were at them. Rest was at home afterwards.

This afternoon 2 coors light-this evening 2 Black Russians, a Heineken and Stella Artois.
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