What are you drinking?

I think I was unclear in my post, the eggnog was not found but was made by Mrs. Slimedog and will be consumed tomorrow.

And strangegirl, beer is for men, wine for women. Why? Cause women whine and men have to bare(beer) it.


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
9,15 pm in the Netherlands, still beautiful 70ties F. spring weather.

black swan and I have been drinking exellent white wine for an hour now,
and still able to work. Amazing.
She just said . . . that we should be moving to the pothead thread
Classic gin and tonic here. Definitely easing this research paper. :(

Plus the wine makes me crave the smokes. I'll have to get over it soon, though. Nothing's like a deep, purple Malbec.
I like your avatar. First I thought it was a heart but then I realized it's an ashtray. Having milk coffee with a smoke right now.
Hi Honey, I'm home!

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA...they can't keep it on the shelves in these parts. I had two sixes in the small fridge, the last one sit's here beside the keyboard. Keep up the good work in Chico folks.


Cheap Puerto Rican rum and American Coca-Cola.

To do my part for U.S.-Latin American relations.

Kinda like if Chavez asked my advice first about his gift to Obama of an angry book, I would have said "No - Dude, seriously. Get some cheap Puerto Rican rum and throw away that book and just party."

So I'm like an ambassador, really. Where's my parking pass ?

sorry folks. reality has been kicking the ass of authenticity lately.

. I had congnac, Budweiser and lime vodka tonight.

The jam is in the background, but I might get cut-off again for saying that.

later sisters and brothers. S


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dammit, man, I'll take delusion! as long as it involves gin and grapefruit juice.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Hooch? Have you ever had gin and grapefruit juice from a freshly picked grapefruit? Oh that's right grapefruit don't grow in Canada. Even taking a store bought grapefruit and squeezing it makes it that much better.
I need to sleep tonight, no alcohol.
Hot yesterday at Wayne-O's farm, so the barometer called for Hoegaarden, mit lemon! A nice compliment to the hellacious lighting show that followed.

This evening, who knows? I'm open for suggestions.
Why is Hennessy and coke the same price as a Long Island Ice Tea?
Is it cause all these rappers are....rapping...about it?

I'm drinking beer. Heineken to be exact. A drunk friend left an unfinished 12 pack and I'm reaping the benefits. Thankfully, he won't remember.
The internets are filled with recipes and other sources of information about it, the highball mix isn't anything new.
But I don't like the two part drink, it was small, and the coke tasted horrible with the milky Hennessy, which is why I was amazed that a drink as potent and large as a Long Island, would be the same price. I guess you hit the nail on the head though, rappers are savage idiots.


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I used to know a guy who's drink was cheap brandy mixed with Dr Pepper.

It sounds worse than it tastes.

The guy is dead now, but I think the heroin did it... not the brandy and Dr Pepper.


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I'm on Hooch's gin and grapefruit diet, and it is a fine, fine thing on these balmy evenings. And even last evening when it was cold.

So I'm not anti-mixing. But I wouldn't dump gin from a $50 bottle into a glass of grapefruit juice. You're kind of defeating the purpose in that case. A nice bottle of regular Bombay seems just about right.

I don't know if Hennessey's is fine liqueur, but mixing anything with Coke seems perverse. Like you're chocking down something that would otherwise be undrinkable. Maybe that applies to Hennessey's, I don't know. But I bought a bottle of Hennessy XO for an enthusiast friend over the holidays, and it wasn't cheap. If I find out he mixed it with anything I'm going to be very upset. Next year he'll get liquor in a plastic bottle.
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