What are you drinking?


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I grabbed this by mistake.
Mistake remedied.


Though I have to say I might like the rye better. What can you do?

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I have, more out of ignorance, or foolhardiness, than bravery. I don't know what brand it was, or even if it was commercially produced. It was served from a plastic litre soft drink bottle. I'd had bottled lager beforehand. It was a suicidal kind of drunk, like speeding in a storm on a motorway. You act on mere instinct. It didn't help that it was the neighbour's daughter's baby's christening party. That was a Saturday, and I missed the Monday.


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I'm getting to the bottom of my CostCo sized bottle of gin, so I'm trying to figure out what to get next. Probably a CostCo sized bottle of rye whiskey, but... I guess we'll have to see.

My wife and I polished off a full bottle of cheap red wine on Friday which... we don't often do lately because we've got an almost-three-year-old and all, but it needed to happen. Cheers!


I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for beer and ale over the last year or two. For much of 2016, I was unemployed or marginally employed and couldn't afford the microbrews or imports I had come to love. But I couldn't stand to return to the Old Style or Hamm's of my impoverished youth any more than I could start listening to The Police again. So, I embraced cheap vodka and never looked back. Although I now have a paycheck that could allow for Ketel One or something classier, I just prefer those $8.99 fifths of clear firewater found on the lowest shelf in the liquor store. They have pseudo-Russian names (Semkov, Popov) or vaugely aristocratic references on their label (a coat of arms, maybe a Prussian cavalryman). So tonight, it's Crown Russe with cranberry juice over ice. Authentic American cranberry juice from Ocean Spray, so I don't jeopardize my citizenship.


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Last night we had a very successful party, a party the wife dubbed, The Canadian Kitchen Party. Lotsa singing & playing song and family & friends and food & drink.The wife drank lots of vodka/seltzer/juice. I drank all kinds of beers including

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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Yes. My friend works at a guitar shop and goes to conventions. He picked up that free bee in his travels.


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I received this from an anonymous forum member (okay, it was skiroomalum). I opened it immediately to make sure it made the trip across the country safely and in a drinkable condition, and it certainly did. Good, good stuff.

It's a brand new east coast brand, so this might be the only bottle in Los Angeles at the moment. I am honored, and tip a glass to The Dead Rabbits and their Five Points brethren and sistren. As the kids say.

This is a thread to tell what you had to imbibe. And though non-alcoholic drinks are not banned we mostly encourage alcoholic drinks. Especially if you have to drive.

Last night I had my favorite-Black Russian with a beer.
Old fashioned. 4 parts bitters and a large helping of rye. Emphasis on the whiskey. Old fashioneds are not old fashioneds if the whiskey isn’t rye. I’m preferential to wild turkey rye as it’s cheap and cheerful. Ask me how many I had last night and I wouldn’t be able to tell you.
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