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Can't say I've had the latter. I'd guess Tanqueray 10 would work well as a mixer though as the flavour is pretty mild in comparison to 'standard' (bit harsh to call it that) Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire. I like it in a G&T plus in a Martini (which it's designed for, apparently). Do you beatniks still consider a Martini to be a drink for squares? ;)
By the way, MJP. Your latest avatar :DD



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Very funny. What do you think we are, monsters?

She gets sherry with dinner, and when she's listening to music we'll let her smoke a spliff. A little one.


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I've joined a turkish straight edge hardcore group recently, so lots of this.
Wait, they're straight-edge but 20 grams of sugar in a soda is okay? Isn't that contrary to the straight-edge lifestyle? I don't understand you kids anymore.

"No, he never did drugs, wouldn't even drink coffee. But he got diabetes from guzzling Uludag and died. Damn shame."
Well right, but that's punk rock. Akansu, Nuray and Sezan were smoking way too many weed shishas in their past. I'm happy they're on Uludag now. You should see the energy all that sugar gives them when they're playing. Speed is for pussies.
I'm such a white wine-swilling ponce these days. Perfect day for a few beers though. It's Friday, it's my mate's (low key) birthday bash later and the UK is actually experiencing something akin to summer weather at the minute, so I think I'll have a couple of scoops of loudmouth soup later. Have a good one, everyone.


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Just picked this up yesterday for the first time, and it is very good, if you spend any time in the Bourbon camp.

I've recently gotten into homemade spirit infusing. My Chilli Vodka turned out nice. Currently doing a cocoa nib one. I'll let you know what the Chocolate Chilli Martinis are like. Oh yes, and the Absinthe-based Cannabis Sativa Tincture. Two weeks can seem like such a long time, can't it? ;)

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What I'm having tonight, courtesy of my late uncle Malc.
Judging by the style of bottle, it's safe to say it's sat around a while.
Oh, well. All things must come to an end.



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I've never had Wild Turkey before, but I finds this (Wild Turkey 101) delightful.
I didn't start drinking until this year (crippling depression will do that to a person!) and this is my drink. I'm recently started being less of a wuss and stopped mixing it with other things.

Despite that, I'm having a bourbon sour tonight... if only so I can still feel my throat in the morning... OK, later in the morning...
I became filled with great sadness when it was said, by roni, that he did not drink. I thought to my slef. No F-ing way that our points leader and spiritual leader does NOT drink. How, I said to myself, that a German on THE Buk site does not drink! It is an outrage. It can not be! Maybe we could ban him from this point forward?

I flet grate releef when it was determined that he did drink. I was like Holy S***. I am so happy that roni does drink. Afterall. I was taught by my Dad to never trust a man who doesn't drink.

What goes on in the mind of a man who doesn't drink. John Martin.

I am drinking a bottle of Francis Coppala's Pinot Nior. Ever since I saw 'Sideways' I kant drink Merlot. Last weekend I drank a bottle of LaCrema Pinot Nior and it was one of the best wines I ever did drank.


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Danny... get to yer bed - but ps you do make me laugh and it's a rainy, cold morning here, so thank you. Don't fancy your hangover.
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haven't clicked on this thread for a long time and thank god i did tonight all of a sudden.

[...] when it was said, by roni, that he did not drink. [...]
Don't remeber saying this. Musta been drunk. But it sure was meant in an ironical way. The context would show.

[...] our points leader and spiritual leader [...]
O my god, this is so wrong!
Please! Really!

There are so many great fantastic wonderful cats here who do know MUCH more about Buk than I ever will and contribute MUCH more than I ever could!

Look around in older posts and you'll see.
I'm only good in letting myself look good. Concerning the REAL knowledge and understanding (and Contributing!), I'm way below par.

Now back to things that really matter:

I sware to you roni that you said this...that you didn't drink. I went back and tried to find it but there were already so many post I couldn't find it. Don't you remember that someone busted on you for "Lying" in your post? I wouldn't make something like that up.

By the Way ( a former name of one of my bands), since you are a German Dude you might know if Carl Weissner is still alive? Is he?

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