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hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
Reaper Crew
Founding member
The Polecats - Polecats are Go!
MY WAY - in many different versions:

01 - Frank Sinatra (studio)
02 - Frank Sinatra (Live)
03 - Paul Anka (Live)
04 - Elvis Presley (Live)
05 - Aretha Franklin
06 - Shirley Bassey
07 - Nina Simone
08 - Sammy Davies jr.
09 - Tom Jones
10 - Jackie Wilson
11 - Hermann Brood
12 - Sid Vicious
13 - Hermann Prey - So ist mein Leben
14 - Nina Hagen (Live)
15 - Helge Schneider imitiert Udo Lindenberg (Live)
16 - Tony Marshall - So leb dein Leben
17 - Mary Roos - So leb dein Leben
18 - Mary (von Mary&Gordy) - So leb dein Leben
19 - Harald Juhnke (studio)
20 - Harald Juhnke (Live)
21 - James Last (instr.)
22 - Jean Montagne (instr.)
23 - Mr Acker Bilk (instr.)
24 - Mantovani (instr.)
25 - Playback Version (instr.)
26 - Claude Francois - Comme d'habitude
27 - Claude Francois - Come Sempre
28 - Francisco - A Mi Manera
29 - Ron Davies - Mijn Lewen
30 - Alfons Hatler
31 - William Shattner for George Lucas (Live)
32 - Robbie Williams (Live)

the link is valid a limited time only due to obvious reasons.
so go fast.

Lolita Twist

Thank you. I get pissed off though when people mistake it for being by Nirvana. It's Cobain esque, but... Nirvana's Nirvana.

Love (Is Like A Heat Wave) - Joan Osborne (Live)

^ Saw her at Alive @ 5 in Albany this past summer, she was great. When you can get past the 90s when What If God Was One of Us was played relentlessly on the radio, her vocals are wonderful and she gives a great performance. She borrowed some guy's lotion in the "pit" ha.

Lolita Twist

YES! I can't believe someone actually knows that version! She was great on that. I thought I was the only one that'd seen that ha. I also thought the guy (what was his name?) that did the cover of Grapevine was incredible as well. Watched Shadows with my Grandfather and he said he prefered it to the original stuff, ha.
Lolita, i used to love that Marcy Playground song!

i've been into The Dutchess and the Duke lately. their album is great. reminds me of really early Stones...

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