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New one from Grinderman (Nick Cave)

Ten to six in the morning I'm fueling myself with this obscure '86 Aussie hardcore.

[This video is unavailable.]

Makes me want to jump around in my bedroom and throw a chair against the wall. But oh my god, have I grown old.

how the F do you embed a video? i searched around here but couldn't find any info.

ps - it's pete townshend doing "won't get fooled again" on acoustic.
d gray,
press on the icon, right of the insert image one. (it looks like a strip of film)

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New release. Black Angels - Phosphene Dream
Track #6

[This video is unavailable.]
That's not Elvis... Try
[This video is unavailable.]
Yep, I did'nt post the right one! That's the one.
Let's add one: Heartbreak Hotel
[This video is unavailable.]
You guys got me in the elvis mood, but right now, feel like listening to one of my favorite covers(Couldn't find the studio version, but here's a live one)
Dax Riggs - Heartbreak Hotel
I think there's something wrong with me because I've never much cared for Elvis but I do like one song of his:
[This video is unavailable.]
Thanks, that's a good Elvis song but it's not one of his best. Early Elvis is the real Elvis.
Like this:
[This video is unavailable.]
Or this:
[This video is unavailable.]
grinderman 2: Listening to the album for the first time right now.
Must say; not great, (yet.)

Listening to the same thing right now(GRINDERMAN 2) You know their first album hit my in the head like a hammer right away, especially no pussy blues one of my faves of all time. This new one, is taking much longer. BUT I just said the same thing to friends about the new weezer album a week ago, and now all of a sudden I think it maybe be one of their best!
I have to admit I have a soft spot for this song. On the surface, it seems like gratuitous wallowing in self-pity, but it really has a fuck you message that is nicely juxtaposed to the restrained musicality of Janis Ian and her extremely tight band. Notice at 1:24 when the band comes in, she can't help but get the slightest glimpse of a smile. Despite so many lip-synched performances in the 60s and 70s, I'm quite sure this is a live performance (appears to be the Grammy's), and it doesn't disappoint (me, anyway).

I'd also add that her voice is a cross between 200-year old cognac and a glass cutter. Them's some pipes.

I just woke up, am I dreaming?
12 hours ago, Black Swan and I listened together to at 17 through skype.
PS! Ponder just asked me if we were corresponding .:angelic:
I had played the same video for him yesterday morning.
Go figure, he praises himself for not being possessive.
Btw, great song!
I'll never admit to anything.

There's another video on youtube from the same time period that shows the band at some kind of rodeo hootenanny or something, but I thought the one I posted was the better performance.

A German band from Mühlheim at the Ruhr (a river) in North Rhine-Westphalia.
They call it doomjazz.

Mühlheim is a wasteland, but they have this great band, the independent concert hall AZ Mühlheim (AZ stands for Autonomes Zentrum, autonomic centre) and the hilarious Helge Schneider.

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The Newlydeads - Self titled.

One of the best bands off the sunset strip to emerge in the mid-to-late 90's! They should have been bigger! Screw Nine Iinch Nails!


Here's a cool track from the album called Submission
One of the coolest things about my girlfriend is she digs Curtis Mayfield. Doesn't like Bukowski, though. Still working on that. The woman is hard clay and I have weak hands. Heh.

I guess we old mops can't renew ourselves much. But, always wide open to cheap thrills.
Here is Dorothy Moore-MISTY BLUE
[This video is unavailable.]
Blind Melon - Self Titled


Insane, to think lead singer Shannon Hoon died 15 years ago. I attended the last Blind Melon Los Angeles show on October 11, 1995. He died 10 days later on October 21st. One of the coolest guys you could ever have met.

[This video is unavailable.]
Very old band but new release! (september 27.)
Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky

Track 7 Eden prison

Sounds great!

They were a massive influence for some of my favorite bands; their former drummer Ted Parsons even played in Godflesh and is now in Jesu. But it isn't him on this recording? Anyway, this is a dark spiritual mass and I will have to get the album.

I've been longing for something like that since the decline of goth in the late 80s.

Thanks, Ponder.
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