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Sounds great!
Not bad ;)


Michael Gira - electric guitar, vocals, electric 12 string guitar, sounds, acoustic guitar, production
Christoph Hahn - electric guitar, mouth harp on "You Fucking People Make Me Sick"[4]
Thor Harris - drums, percussion, vibes, dulcimer, curios, keyboards
Chris Pravdica - bass guitar
Phil Puleo - drums, percussion, dulcimer
Norman Westberg - electric guitar, e-bow on "Inside Madeline"[4]

Additional musicians

Devendra Banhart - vocals on "You Fucking People Make Me Sick"
Brian Carpenter - trumpet, slide trumpet
Saoirse Gira - vocals on "You Fucking People Make Me Sick"[4]
Grasshopper - mandolin
Bill Rieflin - drums, piano, 12 string acoustic guitar,[4] electric guitar, synthesizer, organ


Ok, one more:

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Coming out next week: Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest

single: A-side
[This video is unavailable.]

[This video is unavailable.]

No Age - Everything in Between

another contender for my year end list.
That's funny, I heard a review of that on the local NPR station on the way to work. What are the odds? Spooky, I tells ya, spooky.
I have read about 50 reviews on No Age's new album, all good, not that it means anything. But they certainly seem to be critics favorites right now. I've seen them live a few times. Hooch, you liked the new album that much? It's good, but not near my top ten list this year... They opened for Pavement and Sonic Youth at the hollywood bowl tonight.
Around the 2:30 mark she begins to grind the violin in to dust - onward to Kashmir. Some sexy fine energy being discharged here.

If you can imagine a face to face with an 18 wheeler, that is how the show went.
I had never heard them before, I followed Ponder's advice. It was the best live show I've attended in a long time.
a solid 2 hour metal meditation, it this makes any sense.

100_1947.JPG 100_1945.JPG

[This video is unavailable.]
I just put this poster up in the living room for the month, ya know, with Halloween and all.


So while I decorate I've got Dressed to Kill on, LOUD!

If you can imagine a face to face with an 18 wheeler, that is how the show went.
I had never heard them before, I followed Ponder's advice. It was the best live show I've attended in a long time.
a solid 2 hour metal meditation, it this makes any sense.

I need to do a better job of following music news. Knew nothing of the reunite - release of new material until Ponder's previous post. Checked tour dates and they are passing through the area in the next day or two but can't break away to see 'em. Hopefully the album sells well and more shows will be added.
I recently exchanged a couple of e-mails with Gira when I bought "The Consumer" from him. He assured me that there will be plenty of European dates next year; I can't make it to any of this year's dates either...

And the album seems to sell well; here's the current announcement on the Young God Records site: "Due to overwhelming demand, resulting in a large backlog of orders, all orders from this website are temporarily disabled. Once we've caught up with back orders, we will send out a newsletter letting you know when orders are again available. Thanks! YGR"
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Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground

Sometimes I listen to this song over and over again, and when I'm done, I think... hmmm, is there a need to listen to any other song, ever again? Ok, overboard sure, but damn, this is a good song.
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The world needs to know I'm listening to

The Black Heart Procession
Album Title: 2
© 1999

1. The Waiter No. 2
2. Blue Tears
3. A Light So Dim
4. Your Church Is Red
5. When We Reach the Hill
6. Outside the Glass
7. Gently Off the Edge
8. It's a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes
9. My Heart Might Stop
10. Beneath the Ground
Motor City proto-pre-post-punk rock legends, Sonic's Rendezvous Band: City Slang. (In honor of the recent release of BOSP's Athenaeum.)

This is how all rock and roll guitars should sound.
Keeping with the spirit of Michigan pre-punk here's Suzi Quatro's 1st band. Lyrically this had to be a jaw-dropper when released in the mid-60s.

Solomon Burke (March 21, 1940 - October 10, 2010)

[This video is unavailable.]
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I'm going all early 90's hard rock with this one...

Skid Row - Slave to the Grind


Come on, does Sebastian Bach not portray the almighty cock rock lead singer image in one of the best songs on the album Get the Fuck Out!

Driving to work the other day I heard this song on the radio. Ask the 1st 10 people ( avg. age late 30s) at work if they knew who Eric Burdon was and fed them the clue he was music related. One knew out of ten and I got more pissed off than I probably should have. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things it means nothing but still...

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Feeling like some 8 ball tonight. Not sure there ever was a better rap album, besides the genius of the Beastie Boys Pauls Botique.

NWA - Straight Outta Compton

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