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listening to lots of Guided By Voices. If you go to youtube, this guy's mix is pretty varied between old, new, "hits", and obscure.

Go to YouTube and enter "Starcrawler" to see these teenagers channeling the 1970 Stooges. They are certainly energetic, and the singer is as scary as Iggy ever was.
Starcrawler recently played the public radio music fest/conference NonCom here in Philly. V cool.

This is an especially killer record & very interesting one. B.B. is on fire. Top notch sessions cats playing soulful rhythm & blues. Carole King & Leon Russell on pianos, Russ Kunkel on drums, Joe Walsh on rhythm guitar, and Bryan Garofalo on bass. Merry Clayton, Clydie King, Venetta Fields & Sherrie Matthew sing background on the final cut, a Leon Russell song. Get yr hands on a copy if possible. "Indianola Mississippi Seeds" (1970)

... Starcrawler ...
She (the singer) reminds me a huge lot of an ex-girlfriend I had in the mid-90s.
I was totally in love with her. She's been into Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and bad memories. I'll never forget our times. I'll never let her go.

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She (the singer) reminds me a huge lot of an ex-girlfriend I had in the mid-90s.
Those must have been...memorable times.

I still can't decide whether Starcrawler are high school theater kids (ala Marilyn Manson) or genuine lunatics (ala Iggy).
Those must have been...memorable times.
definitely, yes.

from what I've seen of this group in the last few hours, the singer's as real as any never-ending horrornightmare from long ago still going on, as a brick in one's face.

Next to this girl (if she is a girl) the Iggy had been a playdate.
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good lord! that chick reminds me of the ending of REC, that spanish horror movie.

i'd like to take her out for cheeseburgers...
Food doesn't seem to be a part of her diet. A steady diet rock n' roll is her only intake.
warren zevon on letterman talking about his cancer diagnosis and playing some songs.

talk about maintaining a (dark) sense of humour.

I've had this 2017 deluxe edition for a while, but somehow managed to listen to part of it and shelve it in favor of all the plethora of new stuff that's come out over the past few years. This was slated for release as a single in 1967, but also shelved, in a somewhat more egregious decision than mine.

One can get lost on the interwebs. There's lots stuff by The Clash out there of varying quality. Pretty big fan of most of the performances tho. This, however, has quickly become a favorite for sound quality & performance. It's not the highest but that's not what I'm looking & listening for. This is the best. The little changes here and there on most of the songs are spot on, from being shit-hot on fire, a real gang kicking it out. Many/most tunes are just a hair faster than the recordings, the umph that killer live rock n roll can have. Just so fucking good.

Well, as they say, Nothing stands the pressure of the Clash City Rockers!

What passes for "rock" these days is disappointing. Bland and lifeless, slow, mopey, stale, in-ear-monitor garbage, all pitch-corrected and tidy and polished like a blue ribbon county fair turd sculpture.

Though I really can't listen to things like this Clash concert now, or any live punk rock thing (hello Hüsker Dü box set). But the records remain great. They're the last gasp of rock and roll spirit, before it became a commodity like disposable diapers or Bitcoin. It's the spirit that's missing today, and I don't know if the kids can get it back. I think that bird has flown.
As a footnote & fun fact. A friend of mine was actually at that show. Just wow. He was at one of the imfamous Bonds Casino shows as well.
Live Clash shows were always hit or miss. But when they hit -- man, there was no one better. No one.

Bad Brains were consistently incredible.
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