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Live Clash shows were always hit or miss. But when they hit -- man, there was no one better. No one.

Bad Brains were consistently incredible.
There have been HR sightings in Philly, most recently by a friend at a Whole Foods. HR lives here now apparently.
Yes, he has a place in Philadelphia.

There's a good documentary about HR: Finding Joseph I. I think I saw it on Amazon? Or Netflix. One of those dealies.

He's had his problems with schizophrenia and debilitating headaches, but he had (bad) brain surgery and it seems like it worked for him. With that and proper treatment of his psychiatric issues, he seems a lot more stable these days.

Mental problems or not, when he was in his prime there was never a performer like him, and there probably never will be. I mean, I know there never will be.
That's [Live] from the soundtrack of the movie "INCEPTION".
A sort of combination of minimalist-electronic and classic-orchestra.
COME IN either from the start or at: 8:04 min
(the composer, Hans Zimmer, is a German guy who made his way in Hollywood. Lots of remarkable soundtracks.)

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