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did you notice - or hear - i think it was miss mccoo on the right side - knock a mike off the stand in the first 10 seconds?


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my favorite contemporary band Wilco with their new and brilliant record "Star Wars".


[This video is unavailable.]

Thank God (and the BBC ?) that this footage survives. I love the outdoor theater staging here with background props at an actual train stop.

Mum - was this when creative television production got killed by the pound sterling ? Why do we have to follow the Americans EVERYWHERE ?


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Been listening to these guys a bit lately. Not for everyone, but I dig em.
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Been watching random Sopranos episodes recently and found to my surprise that the intro of the sixth season features a poem (?) read by William S. Burroughs from an album by some group called Material.

It's called "Seven Souls" and wtf, if I hadn't loved the Sopranos before, I would now even more.

This is cool as fuck, imho.

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