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Very interesting indeed Ambreen! Now will the name Bukowski bring a following to these guys-'just because'-they are using the name? The real Bukowski would have most likely NOT have liked the music at all. I am indifferent, it really sounds just like everything else to me. Thanks for posting and welcome! CRB:)
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Band names can be handy as a manner of distintion, some are ironic, some provocative, some taboo - sometimes a band-name is the best thing about a band, sometimes a band name can actually ruin their music. I suppose these guys hoped to draw strength-by-association...big fans, perhaps. Or maybe the Bukowski brothers are the guitarist and dummer (a la Van Halen). I'm with CRB, though, same ol stuff especially the vocals.
The same way an ill-fitting title can ruin a painting. Perceptions can get led astray by the preconditions insinuated by that different creative act of assigning terms for the cataloguing efforts...better to have no titles nor band names...let everything just "be", a mish-mosh of unnamed art in every medium, unseekable and unfindable but all too purely and authentically experienced.

Anyone remember Vomit Launch?

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Oh my, that is hot. The lead singer looks like Joaquin Phoenix.
Do you think they changed the words for cultural reasons like it's impure to hold hands?


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Were they really a gay band or at least one or two members?
i know this is in contradiction to what i posted in another thread, but i'm curious
about this band. Never heard of them before and found out a little on wikiphobia, they founded in 1972 when i hadn't seen the light of day yet...

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