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Watched this because I was reading about the guitar she plays in the video. It reminded me of what a marvelous punk rock screamer she was. Live Through This was a great FTW record.

You should learn how to say 'no'!

Reissued, repackaged.

I saw David Johansen in concert once and he basically got booed off the stage. One of the saddest moments in my concert-attending life. This performance changed a few lives (this in the know know what I mean).

Yes, "mock rock." Every little runny-nosed, diapered twat that was involved in the British version of "punk rock" three or four years later saw that, and despite the revisionist history of some of them, they all though it was the greatest thing they'd ever seen. Which, at the time, it probably was. What with Mr. Mockrock and his rabbit teeth proclaiming the greatness of ELP and other exciting non-mock rock. His labeling of it as "mock rock" is probably what made it great for a lot of those kids. "If that crabby old beard hates it, it must be good."
Wait, you're calling whispering Bob Harris a what now?
^Someone had too much to drink last night^ I'm not sure what the above means and frankly am fearful of looking at my other recent posts. Yikes.
So you want me to delete your personal ad in the thread where Rekrab is talking about Japanese transvestites?
now that Kim Gordon is single, I can finally make my move...although I just did the math and found out she's 58. only 5 years younger than my mom would be.

fuck it. I'm going for it. my wife says it's ok, as long as I bring her a t-shirt. I don't think she knows exactly what I'm talking about. ah well...


[This video is unavailable.]
2+ days sober and still not sure what my alcobabble above means. Anyway, was surprised to read about the split. Thought they had the whole till death we part soulmate thing down. At 58 she'd probably still skin you alive, hooch.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when someone covers an Aerosmith song I think there should be more distortion in the guitars.
back in the late '80s (when Voices Carry came out. mid '80s?) I had a dream with Prince and Aimee Mann and me in a limo. seriously.
I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when someone covers an Aerosmith song I think there should be more distortion in the guitars.
Arf, arf, arf. Some question about whether the guitar is Paul Burlison or Grady Martin here. I like Grady's Bigsby double-neck.

Wish guys like Davy Graham, doing this cover of Jimmy Page's 1967 White Summer, could have done it better as well. got the title right and given it proper writing credits and not called it "traditional".

I've been accused of liking "twang!" Not sure what that is, or was. Back in 1976 there wasn't much out there for me: Ramones, Runaways, Groovies.

The Doobie Brothers, maybe? Fuck no!
Beware! Irritating, infantile ear virus at the following link.
Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Here's a follow up that might clear your ears up:
Those ear virus moments are oddly wonderful, aren't they? A couple of infectious ones I've suffered:

Didn't sway me enough to buy the product but the tune stuck -

Bored at work one night with the radio on when I 1st heard this one. Just music with no reference to visual images -

Bonnie Raitt? That's as safe as kittens in a basket. I was expecting Erasure or Culture Club. Heh. I guess because the Card's pulled one out you feel edgy? Texans take game seven.
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