What are you listening to now?


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My pleasure. It should probably be noted that she is deaf. She's able to hear herself play by feeling the vibrations.


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That's ok. Just don't use the word henceforth...:rolleyes:
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"Man - what I wouldn't pay for some Evelyn Glennie-on-Diane Krall PORN right now."

that would be the kind of tasteless comment that somebody like MULLINAX would make.
Except that he didn't and I apologize for intimidating that he did.

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Talent, intelligence and the ability to communicate those things is very sexy, isn't it.


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Evelyn Glennie is a remarkable musician. Here's a clip on youtube of Glennie and Fred Frith (a guitar hero if ever there was one) from the film Touch the Sound.

Gret movie. I've watched it so many times now, My wife grunts when she see's me getting it :) She loves it too, but me being a musician, I can't get enough of it.

And yes, Frith is god.


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oh hooch, i LOVE this album, esp 'magnolia mountain', 'easy plateau' and 'let it ride'. it's way better than any of adams' solo stuff.


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So far it's great...I'm only into track 2. I'll report more later.


Okay, I've heard the whole thing and it's good. It's not great, but it's good. I was excited early on, because the first poem he reads is not collected in a Black Sparrow or Ecco release, but from then on out, it's all stuff that was published and read all over the place. I was really hoping for a lot of obscure stuff, seeing that the reading is so early, but no such luck.

On the plus side, he really performs some of these. In "The Day I Kicked A Bankroll Out The Window" he sounds as angry as if the split with Barbara Frye had just happened, though by 1962 their divorce was 4 or 5 years in the past.

It's pretty straight forward. He only makes a couple of comments between poems. I won't ruin then for those of you who are going to buy this.

The CD lists 13 "poems" but those are the tracks. Track 1 and 2 both contain three poems each. Track 13 is a Pacifica radio tag. So 12 tracks, 16 poems. It is a CDR.

Prayer For Broken-Handed Lovers
The Best Way To Get Famous Is To Run Away
Conversation In A Cheap Room
To The Whore Who Took My Poems
The Day I Kicked A Bankroll Out The Window
What A Man I Was
The Loser
The Tragedy Of The Leaves
The Ants
Bring Down The Beams
Hooray Say The Roses
Old Man Dead In A Room
Conversation On A Telephone
The Twins
The Sunday Artist


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So you got it? - great! Yes, please report more later! And how to go about getting a copy!

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I guess they didn't bother to produce an inlay, sleeve or any artwork?

Has anyone received a reply to any emails they sent to these guys? :mad:


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I think mjp ordered it by phone, right? Looks like they don't reply to anyone's emails. I don't feel like calling to the US to order this, so I guess we're pretty much stuck here... unless they finally reply to us.


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They don't reply to emails? That's pretty weird.Yes, then we are stuck! Damn...:(
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I emailed them several times about this, starting back when the article was posted about the public playing of the "tapes" (probably this CD). They never replied to any of the emails I sent, so following HenryChinaski's lead in this thread, I called and ordered.

No sleeve, inlay, artwork, etc. Just the CDR in a paper envelope with a clear circular window. Same way cheap computer software is packaged. ;)

I've ripped it to MP3 for my own filing purposes, but I hesitate to make it available to anyone else, mainly because the money from the sales goes to support KPFK's preservation/archiving of their entire 65 years of stored tape, and I think that's a fine and worthy cause. There is some amazing stuff in their archive, and they remain virtually the only truly free voice on the Los Angeles airwaves.

They may ship outside the U.S., I don't know. I think the thread I linked to has a toll-free number, so maybe someone from over yonder can give it a try, or spring for the call and pass along ordering info for everyone outside the U.S. I know you can order it by mail too...so, where there's a will, there's a way!

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I had a voice mail from them answering me from about a month ago. They will send to overseas but for - I think she said_ $10. But she did say they will ship overseas.