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I have the terrible feeling that you may be serious, so I'll give a serious answer.

If a singer who doesn't actually sing but rather speaks all the lyrics, and speaks them kind of off-key can be great, then yes. In fact if that's true I suppose you could say that Ms. Del Rey is really great. One of the best in the history of modern music.

But like a lot of pop stars, I believe she is rated, feted and celebrated more for her appearance than any musical talent or value. Since she absolutely and unquestionably has neither talent or value of any humanly perceivable kind.

You know, in my opinion.

Interesting side note on Ms. "Del Rey," her father (who I have known about for years, since he was kind of a notorious figure who became wealthy buying and selling domain names) bought her place in the entertainment world by spending millions of dollars to launch her "career" before any record company showed any interest. Which is fine I suppose. Someone had to buy it. She would have never earned it.

I find that funny because a lot of people blame "domainers" (those who exploit the secondary domain market) for many evils, but no one could have predicted that a domainer would also assault us on a musical level.
[...] celebrated more for her appearance than any musical talent [...]
Maybe this goes for most people. In my case though, I don't care for her appearance, which I don't find that intriguing, but sometimes listen to her CD (audio only - no 'appearence' involved) for I like the dark tone in her songs.

Tastes are different of course.


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Scout Niblett
It's nice to hear that someone's been studying those 20 year old PJ Harvey albums!

John Holt
Timeless sufferah tune dem.

I love those klunky songs so many of those old school roots singers do. Trying to shoehorn their half formed tunes into existing rhythms. The rhymes all broken and dangling. When I started listening to reggae that used to drive me crazy. "What is this shit? It sounds like they did this in five minutes! They rhymes don't even fall in the right spot!"

It took me a while to appreciate that kind of vibe there. ;)


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Something new by Joan As Police Woman. Not sure what it reminds me of.
The Video - A crazy dream after eating a dodgy kebab maybe?
She is terrific! going to see her in Glasgow 28th April never seen her before, or the venue, a big old converted church called Oran Mor - gaelic for Great melody of life or Big Song - very apt.
The crazy thing is it's only costing £16! same for Gallon Drunk seeing them too in April in Glasgow for £9! - it's ridiculous that people fork out a fortune to go to see hugely overrated bands, when you can see acts like those on a budget, you just have to shop around. But I suppose it also comes down to choice and who you want to go and see.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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Gallon Drunk £9! Cool. One of the bands I've wanted to see but missed every time I had a half chance to so far.


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I know! it's crazy, you can't get a take away for that.They are playing at a bar called Mono, when I tried and failed to describe their music to my friend, it didn't sound great:) but she is still going.
She made me go see that band Electric Seven in November - you know the ones who sang that song about taking you to a gay bar! gay bar! or some such :D.
Didn't want to go, ( the gig that is - haven't ever been to a gay bar either though, just for the record) but my goodness they were terrific live, they said that for some weird reason they had landed up doing a gig in Glasgow for the last three or four Thanksgivings - which is a bummer really.


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Oooops or even the electric six then! whose counting :) ps they had this wonderful, insane couple with them as their support group.They looked like, you know those terrible videos of the people of Walmart on Youtube that everyone laughs at and then leaves horrible comments like what a disgrace to America they are? - I actually love them, at least they are not greige as Billy Connelly would say - they add colour and personality:DD. Well the couple looked liked them - deliberately I think and they were brilliant.There definitely was two of em.


And in the end...
:) I haven't truly! or maybe accidently - unawares - it's a shortfall in my life experience I should correct, try to be more sophisticated.


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Another forgotten album.

Maybe you remember this song (instead of the forgotten album):

[This video is unavailable.]
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