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If it's bass you crave...

Dennis Bovell is the bass player on this, Michael Smith's Trainer. One of the most foreboding and terrible and dreadful tracks I've ever heard on a record. If you can understand the lyrics you really get the whole picture, but the music and the delivery of the lyrics is probably enough to give you a good idea of what's going on. I've probably posted it here before (half a dozen times), but it bears repeating.

As for the melting of teeth, just listen to any song on the Stooges Funhouse. They weren't shy about cranking the bass on that album, and it really drives the entire thing.


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Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division's 1979 album, their best I think. Second favourite track; a bass to melt your teeth, if you played it loud enough:

my first band in high school? Romeo Blue. We covered this. Usually the rhythm guitarist & singer, I only played bass on this one.


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Romeo Blue:D well, it deserved to get you a female following anyhooo.
That album has aged so well, compared to some of their peers, with your average teenage angst material - which makes you wince a bit now. But Curtis' lyrics are grown up and painful in a real way. Saw New Orer in the mid Eighties,
Never saw Joy Division, as a 14/15 yr old girl - no way, going to gigs in the mid to late seventies was hazard to your health, too tribal and aggressive, predominantly male, a lot of fighting, ditto football matches and the pub. But it was dark, depressing times and I suppose the bands echoed that (to the extent of being labelled a bunch of miserable gits:-)). A lot of bemoaning these days that gigs have become dull and safe, the thrill is gone supposedly, maybe that's true a bit, but it's also progress, to leave a gig with your face intact.


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This should be familiar to anyone who listened to The Reggae Beat on KCRW back in the 80s. They opened every show with it. Pablove Black, "Right side."

Hank Holmes and Roger Steffens, hosts of The Reggae Beat in the old KCRW studio.



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Michael Smith's Trainer. One of the most foreboding and terrible and dreadful tracks I've ever heard on a record. If you can understand the lyrics you really get the whole picture...
I was looking for a book a few minutes ago and came across this, which I'd forgotten about when I posted the video for "Trainer." It's a 1989 City Lights collection of Michael Smith poems called It A Come, and "Trainer" is in there.

So here are the lyrics for those so inclined to read/decipher them. You can sing along. ;)



And if you can't decipher the poem there on the written page (I can't blame you), here's a "translation" I made for someone a few years ago:

you think I don't have problems, Trainer?
I used to live in a neighborhood
where everyone though they were better than me
the only way I could convince them to leave me alone
when there were problems
was to show them that I am capable of destruction and violence
because I got some wicked thoughts

I'll tell you, Trainer
that I walk down streets full of murderers
but look at me, I'm still here

one night I got fed up and left the neighborhood
I walked until I ended up at a dance hall
by the time the dance ended I had missed the last bus
and didn't have money for a taxi
I was homeless, but I still walked proudly

I'm not kidding, just as I reached the square
I heard a man say,
"Kiss my ass, I'm going to help you get home before dark!"
and he grabbed one little boy by the waist
and before the boy could open his mouth the man said,
"Who gave you permission to talk? How old are you?
What are you doing out here in the streets after dark?"
and the boy said, "Me? I'm fourteen, sir."
the man whipped the boy with a cat o' nine tails
and the boy cried out,
"Lord Jesus Christ, I'm twenty nine!"

I couldn't let that man know I was homeless
even though he was an authority, I pulled out my knife
because at that point I hadn't slept in three days
and couldn't remember the last time I'd eaten

I asked someone for some newspaper
and headed for a homeless shelter
that I was told was foul and lice-ridden
when I got there, I was so weak
that I fell asleep outside the building

you know what woke me up, Trainer?
early in the morning a man came out
and he must have know that a human being was sleeping there
but he threw a bucket of water with a disinfectant in it on me
and didn't apologize

I looked at him and I didn't say anything
because you know what I felt like doing?
killing him

I took out an ice pick and grabbed him
something told me not to stab him
but something also told me
to stick the ice pick into his neck
and I imagined his blood running out around him
but I let him go, and sat down and laughed
and said, "Look at you, you fool!"

then another man came up and said,
"Get up! Don't you see that you make this place look dirty?"
I looked at him and didn't say a word

because it was the first time in my life
that I really wanted to say something
but the words wouldn't come

so I just walked


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Something from Germany: is something very different from what I heard here, but maybe could be for someone interesting

WTF, didn't expect to see K.I.Z. here, ever. I like the voice of the guy singing.

Here's a bit of German Gangsta Rap for all of you, yo.

LOL welp that one part is rad brah for sho but the rest sounds like my dog Fred playin one of them steel drums that the AFricans play at the farmers market! LOL! taht one dude in the board shorts though is way intense brah/ thats rad as hell. i bet he ate like 20 mushrooms and is trippin balls all the time LOL! I gotta go to belgium man it seems off the hook/


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That seems like an appropriate chill response to that.

Everyone thinks they can do dub. They think it's easy. Like writing a simple poem, or saying a profound thing in a simple way. ;)
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